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Cell Pro

For producing an insulin spike, few things are better than carbohydrates, sugars in particular. Why would you want this to happen? To shuttle creatine into muscle tissue more efficiently. As a creatine transport system, Cell Pro is an amazing ergogenic supplement. Dextrose, one of the highest glycemic index (GI) carbs around, can dramatically elicit an insulin response which in turn can pump creatine into muscles. Cell Pro is a complete product in that it also contains 3 potent insulin co-factors which can help improve your bodys insulin function and even give you a better pump when you train. Theres no other product in the world that contains all three insulin co-factors: vanadyl, taurine, and alpha lipopic acid. Finally, TMG has been added to increase lean body mass while reducing bodyfat. When it comes to improving your performance, getting a better pump during training, and increasing muscular gains, theres no better creatine supplement.

Cell Pro

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