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Cell-Tech Creatine

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Supplement Brand: MuscleTech
Cell-Tech Creatine
Cell-Tech Creatine Information
CELL-TECH is a highly-regarded musclebuilder that is quite possibly the biggest industry breakthrough in creatine supplements! MuscleTech Research and Development, Inc. has spent years of intense research developing CELL-TECH. To date, there are numerous published studies and abstracts noting CELL-TECH's ingredients and its advanced third-generation creatine formula.

The advanced formula of CELL-TECH is protected by multiple patents owned by MuscleTech: U.S. Patents 6,136,339 and 5,968,900, Canadian Patent CA 2246014, as well as European Patent EP798971. International application WO9618313 and additional patents are also pending around the world.

"When I use CELL-TECH, I get better workouts and pumps, and for me that's what it's all about."
- Justin Brooks

CELL-TECH: Demonstrated to Help Increase Strength and Mass!

Early research performed by Dr. Paul Greenhaff established the basis for consuming creatine with carbohydrates. In these studies, subjects consumed creatine with exact amounts of dextrose that resulted in a 60 percent greater creatine retention compared to subjects who took creatine with water. Consuming creatine with water does not stimulate insulin release and, as a result, may hinder creatine uptake and storage in muscle. CELL-TECH, however, contains an amount of dextrose that's shown to help increase insulin levels enough to optimize creatine uptake and storage in muscles. This increase in creatine retention can lead to impressive strength gains. While your results will vary, in one study, subjects taking CELL-TECH combined with a proper diet and weight training increased their 1-rep max on the leg press by an average of 120 pounds and their 1-rep max on the bench press by an average of 32 pounds in only 8 weeks! For your best results that may have you pushing out rep after rep, combine CELL-TECH with a proper diet and training program.

Alpha Lipoic Acid - CELL-TECH's Patented Ingredient

Add CELL-TECH to your diet and training plan to help boost your growth potential!
CELL-TECH is an effective creatine supplement because it includes 200 mg of alpha lipoic acid with each serving. Research perfomed in Germany indicates alpha lipoic acid may help transport creatine into muscle where it can be used as energy during exercise.3 This research shows that alpha lipoic acid can help improve carbohydrate and creatine uptake in muscles much like insulin. Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant that is believed to help minimize muscle damage and the amount of oxidation associated with exercise. Alpha lipoic acid also plays an important role in energy production, which is needed by the muscles during resistance training.

The patent for the use of creatine with alpha lipoic acid for the purpose of adding muscle mass and strength was recently granted for use in CELL-TECH. Be advised that CELL-TECH is the only creatine supplement that can contain this effective formula. So don't be fooled  any other supplements which claim to have an alpha lipoic acid, creatine combination is simply a knockoff! Furthermore, taking alpha lipoic acid in capsule form with regular creatine is a poor practice that produces limited results. Stick to CELL-TECH to help you achieve your desired results!

"While your results will vary, in one study, subjects combining CELL-TECH with diet and weight training gained over 9 pounds of mass in 8 weeks (9.02 vs. 5.28 lbs.)."

A Superior Creatine Supplement - CELL-TECH

Through its patented formula, CELL-TECH in conjunction with diet and weight training can help athletes to train harder and more often. MuscleTech researchers are confident that the easy-to-mix, convenient CELL-TECH serving is far better than the smaller multiple 5-gram servings that are often used when it comes to increasing creatine storage in muscle. Using CELL-TECH can boost the amount of creatine absorbed by the muscles, which creates a powerful cell-volumizing effect. Research studies have shown that when a muscle cell is volumized, it creates a response that helps to stimulate muscle growth and strength. Additionally, CELL-TECH can help speed up recovery during exercise for hard-training athletes!

CELL-TECH: Over 19 Times Better than Creatine for Gains in Mass (4.29 vs. 0.22 lbs.)!

CELL-TECH helps deliver real results! In a recent study, CELL-TECH was shown to be an average of over 19 times better than regular creatine for gains in mass in 28 days. (4.29 vs. 0.22 lbs.)! And in another study, subjects using CELL-TECH gained an average of over 9 pounds of mass in 8 weeks by combining it with diet and weight training (9.02 vs. 5.28 lbs.). The unique ingredients in CELL-TECH make it quite possibly the most highly researched of any creatine supplement in the industry. Multiple studies conducted by top researchers indicate that CELL-TECH has the ability to help INCREASE MASS, STRENGTH, CELL VOLUMIZATION, AND ENERGY.

Based on one study, CELL-TECH combined with a diet and weight-training program did not cause a down regulation of the creatine transporter during exercise. If you're an athlete looking to be your best, take CELL-TECH and achieve the phenomenal results you desire.

If you would like to pack on pounds of muscle mass and strength, add CELL-TECH to your diet and weight-training program. And for optimal gains in mass and strength, combine CELL-TECH with NITRO-TECH. While your results will vary, in a one recent study, participants who used the CELL-TECH / NITRO-TECH stack as part of a diet and weight-training program gained an average of 11.4 pounds of mass in only 8 weeks! The CELL-TECH / NITRO-TECH stack is truly the muscle-building stack of champions!

New! Osmotic Acceleration Technology. Scientifically designed cell-volumizing agent. Powerful high-potency glycemic creatine formula. Enhances size and muscle strength. Advanced engineered creatine supplementation. Cell-Tech provides 10 grams of hplc-tested pure Creatine Monohydrate per serving. After ingestion of Creatine Monohydrate, the human body experiences a 50% creatine receptor-cite downgrade, peaking after approximately 6 hours. As a result, large doses of Creatine (up to 10 grams) will need to be consumed over a period of time to maximize cellular uptake. The including of a nutraceutical dose of Dextrose (75gm) is the same dosage advocated by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) for physicians to assess the efficiency of insulin production in potential Diabetic patients. This dosage may maximize insulin output, which is necessary for optimum creatine uptake. Sports Nutrition experts and trainers alike realize that insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body. Once stimulated, it drives carbohydrates, amino acids (protein) and creatine monohydrate molecules into muscle cells. For this reason MuscleTech Research & Development has added a powerful insulin potentiator called Alpha Lipoic Acid which has recently been used in Type II Diabetics to control blood glucose. Based on preliminary research results, this substance appears to boost the insulin-signaling pathway within the muscle-cell. Muscle Tech Research & Development has added Chromium Picolinate, Potassium, Phosphates, Taurine, Ascorbic Acid and Magnesium to further potentiate the actions of Insulin transport and muscle cell contraction. Osmotic acceleration technology. The birth of Osmotic Acceleration Technology is based on a ground breaking research study performed at the University of Toronto. This study will not only change the way Creatine Monohydrate is consumed, but also how all post workout drinks are created. This study demonstrated that by mixing particular amount of water with carbohydrate solution you can vastly increase the speed at which the carbohydrates (and creatine if present) enter the bloodstream, and subsequently the muscle tissue through the actions of insulin and glut-4. MuscleTech Research & Development is proud to introduce Cell-Tech, the first Creatine delivery system to take advantage of the manipulation of osmolality (concentration) to increase Creatine absorption and glycogen storage which is essential for recovery and maximum cell volumization after a hard training session. In developing Osmotic Acceleration Technology, we have even considered the dissolving properties of Creatine which is something that few companies have even considered. MuscleTech R & D has established a targeted water dosage schedule that is individualized for each athletes' particular body weight based on gastric emptying rates. To achieve even greater results from our Cell-Tech product, athletes should contact our Research Department and obtain their individual water dosing schedule. 1-800-246-3261.

Cell-Tech Creatine Ingredients
Pharmaceutical-Grade Dextrose, Hplc-tested Pure Creatine Monohydrate, Taurine, Natural - Artificial Flavors, Malic Acid, Red Beet Powder, Dipotassium Phosphate, Disodiumphosphate, Magnesium Phosphate, Ascorbic Acid, Lipoic Acid, FD - C Blue #2, Chromium Picolinate

Cell-Tech Creatine Suggested Usage
For the first five days (loading stage): Take two servings daily, one in the morning and the other twelve hours later or immediately after workout. Maintenance stage: Take one servings immediately after your daily workout, or take one serving upon awakening on non-workout days. For optimum taste, mix two scoops of Cell-Tech with 12oz. of water. After consumption of Cell-Tech, drink an additional eight ounces of water to enhance absorption. For maximum results, Cell-Tech should be used for a minimum of 8 weeks.

Cell-Tech Creatine Recommended Daily Allowance
Total Fat 0gm - 0%, Saturated Fat - 0gm - 0%, Cholesterol 0mg - 0%, Sodium - 60mg - 3%, Potassium - 150mg - 4%, Calcium - 20mg - 2%, Total Carbohydrate - 75gm - 25%, Dietary Fiber - 0gm - 0%, Sugars - 75gm, Protein - 0gm - 0%, Vitamin C - 250mg - 416%, [* % Daily Value], [* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs]

Cell-Tech Creatine Contains
Creatine&10gm, Lipoic Acid&200mg, Pure Creatine Monohydrate&10gm, Lipoic Acid&200mg, Taurine...2000mg, Magnesium&70mg, Potassium&150mg, Phosphorus&100mg, Chromium Picolinate&300mcg

Cell-Tech Creatine

*These statements about Cell-Tech Creatine have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Cell-Tech Creatine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Cell-Tech Creatine and we no longer have it in stock.

Cell-Tech Creatine Reviews

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  1.  donman
    this is the best stuff out there
    Reviewer: don from on February 07, 2008

  1.  Mediocre At Best...
    Okay listen up people... I've tried Cell-tech a couple of times before and must say that it is simply mediocre at best. It is outdated creatine (monohydrate), it is loaded with sugar (dextrose), and its ridiculously overpriced. Now let's break this down a litle for all of you who are reading this and saying..."But I Gained 40lbs in two weeks, and added 100lbs to my bench!" Firstly, the weight that you gained is most likely water weight. Ask your significant other, and I guarantee they 'll most likely say you look a little bloated. That's because the outdated creatine in Cell-Tech makes you retain water. Its okay I guess for all of you thats trying to gain "Water" instead of "muscle". But stop taking it, and you most likely will lose this newfound "Water" that now you so dearly covet. And boom now the 40lbs you thought you gained is actually only a measly 5ibs. Not bad, but like I stated earlier, mediocre. Secondly, this stuff is Loaded with Sugar! Now I have read numerous articles suggesting that ingesting this much sugar at once is in no shape, form, or fashion, healthy for you. Any type of huge spike in your body, no matter the hormone is unhealthy. Not including the havoc you are wreaking on your liver and kidneys. Not bad if you want to be a 45 year old muscle man with looming kidney failure. And let me clear something up, for all of you that are saying that the sugar is okay if you're working out for two to three hours a day. "Health Experts" recommend that you only lift weights for 75 minutes max, or else your body starts to release the "Catabolic" hormone cortisol. The problem is, to gain muscle you need to be in an "Anabolic" state. So lets see, um you work out for 3 hours putting your body in a catabolic state. Just so you can ingest 75 grams of sugar "safely" with outdated creatine to put you back into an anabolic state. Seems a little dumb to me! Do I need to even mention the price people! The facts speak for themselves of why this stuff is overpriced. But hey, its your perogative. "If you want to be a Bloated, Water Retaining, Diabetic, Fatso, with Kidney Failure in a few years than I say "Cell-Tech Is The Best Product On The Market! Go get two buckets!!! Otherwise save yourself some time and discomfort and try some creatine ester. Its 10 times better and 50 times better for you than this stuff. But I don't know, thats just my opinion. Maybe I'm just "playa-hatin". I guess you'll have to risk it to find out. And when you're at the beach, and you look to the left and you see your girl sitting on that guys lap with the "Real Muscles", that'll be me. But come on over, don 't be shy...I'll give you some Creatine Ester.
    Reviewer: B. A. from Orlando, Florida on November 07, 2007

  1.  ridiculous
    in just one week i ganied 8 pounds and picked my weight up from 193 (6'1) to 201. My benched went from 225 to 240. The product really worked and I felt it was better than cell mass.
    Reviewer: paul from bronx, ny usa on July 22, 2007

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