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Cytomax Recovery

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Supplement Brand: Cytosport
Cytomax Recovery
Cytomax Recovery Information
Recovery Process Catalyst

Today's workout is only as good as yesterday's recovery

More and more of today's athletes/active lifestyle individuals are finding those time honored words to be as true today as they've ever been.
Each and every muscle contraction triggers a metabolic cascade of events that if left unchecked causes the frustrating leveling off or plateauing of strength and performance.

Complete recovery from one workout to the next by identifying and optimizing all relevant metabolic pathways is the key to improved performance no matter your sport or activity.

Proper training and utilizing proper techniques can help raise these metabolic thresholds. The undisputed fact is that proper nutritional support and rapid, consistent, complete metabolic recovery is the key to sustained, improved performance.

Since 1988, Cytomax exercise and recovery drinks have redefined modern, while your doing it, energy and electrolyte replenishment drinks. Elite athletes from virtually every sport have set World Records, won Olympic Gold Medals, Cy Young Awards and Tour de France victories, using Cytomax.

Recovery - Driven by Science

Cytomax Recovery is based on the same science that gave rise to patented Polylactate and Cytomax but is more protein and energy dense. After training or competing, or as time allows between events, when there is opportunity to restore liver and muscle glycogen and muscle protein, but when meals are hours away, then it's time for Cytomax Recovery.

Supplying the enery for muscle contraction puts the tissue in a catabolic state. When the work is over, muscle is primed and ready to be triggered into an anabolic state. The trigger is dietary energy in the right forms, quickly supplying sustained energy and anabolic nutrients. As in Cytomax, Polylactate speeds energy into the system, and the unique blend of sugars and carbohydrates of graded complexities provide the energy and material to rebuild body glucogen and other carbohydrate reserves.


As training and exercise set the scene to build muscle enzymes and proteins, Cytomax Recovery provides those building blocks of free amino acids and amino acid-packed whole proteins. This unique combination of indispensable, as well as conditionally indispensable amino acids form both whole source and free form aminos are thought to be the ideal way to maintain total nitrogen (protein) homeostasis.


The patented, preferred fuel of exercising muscle. Lactate is preferentially used by cardiac (heart) and respiratory (lung) tissue. Long used in Cytomax to promote energy supply, blood glucose homeostasis, pH buffering and muscle as well as liver glycogen storage during strenuous exercise. Calorie for calorie, lactate is 5-7 times more efficient than glucose at building liver glycogen. A sophisticated designer molecule that gives your body what it wants, when it needs it!


Vitamins A, C, E and beta-Carotene protect against oxidative damage.


Cytomax Recovery also contains LeanLipids, rich in medium chain triglycerides, lipid structures that are predominantly burned as energy and not stored as fat, to impel energy restoration and electrolytes to continue repletion of those lost during activity. So, stage your workouts and nutrition, building from one session to the next. Ward off fatigue and improve performance during training and competition with Cytomax, then catapult recovery processes with Cytomax Recovery.

Best ways to use Cytomax Recovery:

After training or competing between 1 to 2 hours after, your muscle is primed and ready to be triggered into an anabolic state. Cytomax Recovery is designed to spur secretion of the body's major anabolic hormone, insulin, while at the same time suppressing its catabolic antagonist, cortisol.
For maximum recovery take the amounts as follows:

Women and men 100-150 lbs
2 scoops / 12 oz. cold water

Women and men 150-220+ lbs
Double the amount above
This double serving can be taken at one time, or divided depending on convenience or preference. For best results, consume the entire double serving within a 15-30 minute period.

Cytomax Recovery

*These statements about Cytomax Recovery have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Cytomax Recovery is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Cytomax Recovery Reviews

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  1.  Cytomax Recovery
    Well I usually run, and I always get sore the next day or whenever i have to run again. So my brother is in cross country and he has this stuff in the kitchen so i drank it everytime after my workouts and i noticed i never felt sore, when i do super long runs, i only get a little sore the next day. Basically showing the Cytomax Recover actually does work.. and it tastes really good if you got flavors that are clumpy.. just mix it in the blender and it will turn out good. :D well yep see ya
    Reviewer: Aaron from Oakley, CA USA on October 01, 2007


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