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Supplement Brand: SAN
Endotest Information
Endotest - Orthomolecular Regulator
ENDOTEST is the first ORTHOMOLECULAR supplement that effectively regulates endogenous testosterone production through the stimulation of luteinizing hormones in the body. Our German Tribulus Terrestris plant extract is harvested during peak seasons assuring only the most potent steroidal saponins and it is specifically standardized for Protodioscin and Protogracilin content.

Each serving of ENDOTEST is further fortified with insulin-mimiking and appetite-stimulating Fenusterols. Phytonutrients that aggressively combat post-cycle testosterone down-regulation as well as promote an overall feeling of well-being. We also included DIM (Diindolemethane) for its ability to convert active estrogens into inactive estrogen metabolites. These metabolites then free up testosterone by bumping it off the testosterone-binding proteins and therefore signaling more free testosterone release in the body.

Rhodiola Rosea (rosavin) is our fourth and final ingredient rounding ENDOTEST's amazing formula. Rosavin's are known as natural adaptogens which can increase our body's ability to cope with internal and external stress factors and help maintain a stable hormonal environment conducive to growth and strength. Widely used in Russia, rosavin's also influence levels and activity of b-endorphins therefore eliminating fatigue and enhancing work performance.

by The Supplement Research Group

Turn Your Body Into A Natural Testosterone Producing Factory So Powerful That Even The Dreaded Enemy Estrogen Will Become An Ally!
Astonishing Gains In Ripped Muscle Mass And Strength Are Yours With Endotest, The Most Revolutionary New Triple-Threat Anabolic Stack.

Learn, know, and remember this. To experience anabolic effects you have to increase testosterone levelsAND control estrogen. Everyone knows about increasing test, but few people realize how critical estrogen management iswhich is why so many arent as anabolic as they should be. Got it? Lets move on. But keep this in the back of your mindno, scratch that. You better give it the best seat in the house, in the front of your mind. To get the muscle mass and strength you want, its essential you increase test and turn estrogen from an enemy into an ally. How do you do that? Just keep reading.

Most top pro and amateur bodybuilders dont rely on supplements. That may come as a surprise to you since you see so many in ads portraying them as avid supplements users. But the truth is, the majority of guys dont use them at all. I remember asking a top pro, who was under contract with a prominent supplement company, how the protein he was holding in their ads tasted. He replied, I wouldnt know. Ive never used it. I sell it to a local sports nutrition store as soon as I get my shipment. He then continued. Look, if you wanna ask me how something tastesask me how Deca tastes. Ask me how GH tastes. Ask me how Testosterone Cypionate tastes.
I guess he showed me. Needless to say, this one guys represents the attitude of many top bodybuilders. Its obvious that steroids have more to do with accelerating muscle growth and strength than supplements. Thats no surprise. But whats shocking is when bodybuilders (who are regular steroid users) are believers in and users of legal supplements. I mean, given the fact they use steroids, why would they even bother with supplements.
Thats what I thought until, on several different occasions, I talked with bodybuilders who raved about a product called Tribulus terrestris. They insisted that Tribulus was so powerful that they could feel its anabolic effects. These same bodybuilders, who were using steroids, reported that when they took Tribulus they noticed their testosterone levels increasing. This is amazing considering they are accustomed to the incredible impact of steroids. Youd think they would be almost immune to the effects of a legal supplement.
Well they are resistant to most supplements, simply because they dont deliver. Tribulus is more than just another flavor of the month. But the main reason it worked so well is because the bodybuilders using it were already controlling estrogen by using drugs like Nolvadex and Arimidex during their steroid cycles. So thats why Tribulus worked great for them and not so well for most everyone else, who had no way of dealing with estrogen.
Tribulus terrestris is a plant that is only grown successfully in a few parts of the world. But its common knowledge that the highest quality and potency Tribulus is grown and harvested in Bulgaria. In the right concentration, Tribulus can exert amazing anabolic testosterone enhancing effects. But to be truly effective it must be combined with other compounds in a formula that increases test and controls estrogen.
Well get to that incredible new formula shortly, but lets talk about testosterone a little, just so you understand the good, the bad and the ugly. When testosterone levels are elevated by using steroids, prosteroids, or prohormones, you become stronger, bigger, more muscularthats good. When testosterone levels are elevated by using steroids, prosteroids, or prohormones, your body will attempt to maintain a hormonal balance, so estrogen levels will increase. Youll experience some degree of aromatization. You might get acne, hair loss, gyno (bitch tits)thats bad. When testosterone levels are elevated by using steroids, prosteroids, or prohormones, your own natural production of testosterone decreases. This can lead to a downregulation of your own natural test production leading to impotency and sterilitynow thats ugly.
Now the ugly part of testwell its pretty damn ugly. Fortunately the most severe side effects are not extremely common. But the real key to long-term muscle growth and strength increases is to increase your bodys own natural production of testosterone, rather than by utilizing an external source. External test is known as an exogenous source of testosterone. That simply means it is produced synthetically outside your body. Internal test is known as an Endogenous source of testosterone. That means it is produced inside your body. So, its fairly obvious that elevating endogenous test levels is of the most benefit to muscle hungry bodybuilders looking for a safe and legal way to build a huge and ripped physique.
Remember you have to increase test levels for anabolism? This is where Tribulus terrestris comes in. When you take Tribulus, it increases natural testosterone production. And when your natural test production is increased you will assimilate and synthesize protein better, so your body will turn what you eat into muscle with speed and efficiency. You will recover faster from hard training. Your metabolism will increase so you can eat more and add muscle, not fat. Increased test levels have practically everything to do with anabolic activity. High natural test levels are why you grow quickly and eat everything in sight (without getting fat) as a teenager. Decreased levels of natural test (which occur as you get older) are why your ability to gain muscle and strength slows down, and why you put on fat more easily.
But if you increase test levels and dont control estrogen, you will not benefit from elevated testosterone. In fact, youll actually suffer negative side effects. To build muscle, increase strength, and burn fat the way you want to, you cant just be concerned with increasing test. You have to implement a program that also deals with estrogen.
The answer is called Endotest by SAN. Its the most unique combination of anabolic compounds that increases natural test levels, while managing estrogen and using it in your advantage. This was unheard of in the supplement or drug worlduntil now. Remember how you need to increase test and control estrogen?
Endotest is the most advanced and potent stack combining the purest, most potent form of Tribulus terrestris, in combination with 3 additional equally potent compounds, Fenusterols, Rhodiola Rosea and Diindolemethane (DIM), ever made available to the public. You might not know about Fenusterols, Rhodiola and DIM yetbut they are critical components of Endotest and the primary reasons the formula is so effective. Without them, even the best and most potent Tribulus will have little effect.
There have been many different basic versions of Tribulus on the market in the last 10 years that attempted to simply elevate test levels. Some were used with marginal success, while others exerted practically no positive effects. But none even approached the effects delivered by the sophisticated formula in Endotest because their only concern was test elevation. Estrogen manipulation was completely ignored.
Another reason for the variance in effectiveness in previous, primitive products containing Tribulus is because of questionable quality. The potency is determined by how much active ingredient it contains. The most active ingredients in Tribulus terrestris are protodioscin and protogracilin. The higher the levels of these 2 compounds in a Tribulus product, the more potent and effective it will be. Both protodioscin and protogracilin are important, but protodioscin levels are much more critical. Thats why, for purposes of demonstration, you only really need to be concerned with how much protodioscin is in a Tribulus product.
The reason a Tribulus product, like Tribestan, worked better than others is because it delivered a higher protodioscin content. When tested, Tribestan showed levels as high as 11% protodioscin. But many other popular brands, when tested, showed less than 3% protodioscin content. No wonder they didnt have any effect. Regardless of the milligram dose per capsule or tablet, if there is only 3% active ingredient it wont have much effect. The label might say 750 mg Tribulus terrestris, that doesnt have anything to do with actual potency. If you want to get the testosterone elevating effects, you need a brand that provides the purest ingredients and the highest amount of protodioscin.
Many steroid-using bodybuilders used Tribestan, primarily when coming off cycles, to kick-start their natural test production. Thats why Tribestan became known as one of the few real and effective Tribulus terrestris supplements. With 11% levels of protodioscin, Tribestan was able to increase natural test production and deliver many of the beneficial side effects associated with natural elevated testosterone levels. But the bodybuilders who experienced the greatest success did so primarily because they were already controlling estrogen, having used drugs like Nolvadex and Arimidex during their steroid cycles.
That brings us to Endotest, which is so much more than a simple Tribulus product. Yes it contains Tribulus, and delivers as much as 31.8% protodioscin content in every servingthats almost 3 times the potency of a basic Tribulus containing supplement. But as you now understand, Tribulus isnt a successful solo artist. Its like David Lee Roth, without Van Halennot very impressive. But as part of a super group, it is phenomenally effective. Endotest is that super group of compounds because its a combination of Tribulus with Fenusterols, Rhodiola and DIM. This awesome combo elevates test, battles stress and controls estrogen at the same time to increase anabolic effects exponentially.
Steroid users, who were desensitized to the effects of most supplements, have used Tribestan with excellent results because the anti-estrogen drugs they had used were still in their systems even after cycles. So imagine what kind of anabolic results are in store for you when you begin your first powerful cycle of Endotest. Finally youll experience what its like to maximize natural test production, while turning a sworn enemy to muscle, estrogen, into a loyal anabolic team member. You will finally add that 10-20 pounds of muscle, in the next 2-3 months. Youll be repping out with your current bench press max. Youll have everyone in your gym thinking your juicing and asking what your takingtell em, or keep it your secret. Its up to you.
How is it possible that Endotest can be 3 times more potent than an extremely powerful Tribulus product, like Tribestan? Well, as was mentioned its so much more than simply a Tribulus product. The protodioscin content alone, which is guranteed to be at least 20% from Tribulus and a minimum of another 7.5% from the Fenusterols, blows all other Tribulus products away. The synergistic effect of 2 separate sources of protodioscin working together to enhance luteinizing hormone (LH) release is groundbreaking in and of itself. But with all the extra positive effects exerted by the combination of Tribulus, and Fenusterols (and the furastanolic saponins contained in both) as well as DIM and Rhodiola Rosea, its probably far more than just 3 times more powerfulbecause its increasing test levels, eliminating stress and controlling estrogen. I told you to remember. Is it making more sense now?
Heres a little more info so you understand about the protodioscin content. If the protodioscin content is higher, the Tribulus will be more concentrated and will increase natural test levels more. Its true that most of the best Tribulus terrestris comes from Bulgaria. But there is a great deal of difference between the purity of Tribulus. The raw material, if unrefined will not contain high protodioscin content. But if it is refined, the protodioscin content will be very concentrated. Companies from all over the world purchase Tribulus terrestris from Bulgaria. But testing on Tribulus from several different countries proved that a German company consistently purchased and manufactured Tribulus with the highest available protodioscin content.
This is why SAN uses German Tribulus terrestris exclusively in Endotest. This ensures that youll benefit from the most potent dose of Protodioscin in every serving of Endotest. Of course, no other product delivers any of the numerous additional benefits of Fenusterols, Rhodiola and DIMwhich well get to shortly. The protodioscin percentage is closer to 30%, but no less than 20%. This makes Endotest the obvious choice for maximum gains.
Using steroids, prosteroids, and/or prohormones (all exogenous forms of test enhancement) will ultimately increase the levels of bound test in the body. High levels of bound test are not beneficial and cause many of the negative side effects associated with test use, like aromatization and increased estrogen production. Also synthetic elevation of testosterone will ultimately cause your bodys natural production of testosterone to declineand in the worst-case scenario, shut down completely (remember the ugly).
Bodybuilders will always use steroids, prosteroids, and/or prohormones. Thats why Endotest is so important. When you stop an exogenous (synthetic) test cycle, you simply begin a cycle of Endotest. This way youll jump-start your bodys natural production of testosterone, while maintaining the gains from your exogenous test cycles. But you dont even have to have used any steroids, prosteroids, and/or prohormones to benefit greatly from Endotest. When used in cycles on its own, Endotest will significantly elevate your bodys natural testosterone production, while preventing estrogen from causing problems, so you will gain muscle and strength much more rapidly. Also, individuals who have severely damaged their natural test production can use Endotest even while on cycles of steroids, prosteroids, and/or prohormones.
Now Endotest is far superior to any other basic product containing Tribulus that simply attempts to elevate test levels. But as is usually the case with SAN, simply being better isnt good enough. In addition to an active ingredient protodioscin content 100-200% greater than anything else on the market, the addition of 750 mg of Fenusterols, 100 mg of Rhodiola Rosea (3% Rosavin) and 100mg of Diindolemethane (DIM) to the superior German Tribulus is what distances Endotest from the competition by light years.
As was previously mentioned, Fenusterols not only contain furastanolic saponins, they also provide protodioscin. But, Fenusterols are much more than just that. They are multi-talented and multi-tasking. They do a lot of great things simultaneously. Protodioscin increases natural test production. Another steroidal saponin, Diosgenin, which is found in Fenusterols, is a precursor to DHEA. It converts to DHEA, but is amazing, because it only imparts the positive effects of elevated DHEA levels and doesnt cause an increase in estrogen.
Overall, the furastanolic saponins (which are in both Tribulus and Fenusterols) increase the release of LH for elevated test levels.
In addition to that, Fenusterols contain an incredible compound called 4-hydroxyisoleucine, which has potent insulin-mimicking properties. Its crucial to not only get nutrients inside your bodybut, more importantly, to deliver them where they are supposed to be for maximum benefit. Fenusterols transport nutrients like protein efficiently.
Thats what you get with the addition of Fenusterols. If that werent enough, Fenusterols also work as an appetite stimulant. When you are in a severe anabolic state, you need to eat a lot of food in order to maximize growth. Fenusterols will ensure your appetite will match your bodys need for protein.
Rhodiola Rosea (rosavin) is our third ingredient rounding ENDOTEST's amazing formula. Rosavin's are known as natural adaptogens which can increase our body's ability to cope with internal and external stress factors and help maintain a stable hormonal environment conducive to growth and strength. Widely used in Russia, rosavin's also influence levels and activity of b-endorphins therefore eliminating fatigue and enhancing work performance.
Finally Diindolemethane (DIM) completes this amazing formula. Increasing test is only half the battle. Dealing with estrogen determines how anabolic you can be. Estrogen is a formidable foe, and if left unchecked it will combat and neutralize any, and all, of the great possibilities test can provide. High levels of estrogen can slow and, ultimately, shut down LH release. Increases in test are always accompanied by increased levels of estrogen. Steroid-using bodybuilders have commonly turned to anti-estrogen drugs like nolvadex and arimidex to try and remedy this problem. But those drugs simply attempt to block estrogen. DIM actually blocks estrogen effectively and redirects it for anabolic effects. Estrogen is usually the Bad Terminator, but DIM turns that destroyer into the Good Terminator from T2.
Diindolemethane (DIM) has the unique ability to reduce estrogen cell receptor affinity, so estrogen is not easily synthesized in the body. It converts active estrogens, into inactive metabolites that not only cant do harm, but are actually beneficial. Even the powerful anti-estrogen drugs, taken by steroid-using bodybuilders, cant do this. DIM neutralizes excess estrogen by promoting the conversion of potentially dangerous estrogen into the good 2-hydroxy version, instead of the bad 16-hydroxyestrone. High levels of the good 2-hydroxy estrogen metabolites increase the levels of free testosterone. Testosterone binding proteins that usually attempt to attach to test, which makes it convert into estrogens (which is not only useless, but can cause negative side effects), are stripped off to remain free test. This means more free test is in the body to impart its potent anabolic effects.
DIM has also been shown to help burn body fat by interacting with the beta-andrenergic cell receptors. When this happens, the fat burning effects of exercise are stimulated even when youre at rest. DIM, like Fenusterols, also enhances insulin sensitivity for vastly improved nutrient transportation. But its how DIM turns estrogen from an archenemy of testosterone into a trusted anabolic friend, that makes it such an important part of Endotests formula. With DIM on your side, estrogen wont cause puffiness, water retention, or gyno etcso youll finally be able to achieve the rock-hard, chiseled physique, youve always wanted.
Endotest is the first and only true quartet-Threat that simultaneously enhances test, while manipulating estrogen. Thats precisely what you need if youre interested in getting huge, strong, and ripped. Endotest has not only taken the purity of protodioscin content in Tribulus to another level. Its the only product that also supplies the secret weapons of mass construction, Fenusterols, Rosavins and DIM in a perfect ratio. This means that when you use it, youll see and feel what the worlds most advanced, scientifically engineered supplement is capable of, in terms of increasing ripped muscle mass and power in the gym.
If youve been using steroids, prosteroids, and/or prohormones, when you stop those cycles, you should immediately begin your 6-8 week cycle of Endotest. For best results its recommended to stay off everything for 3-4 weeks after your Endotest cycle. If you have not been using steroids, prosteroids, and/or prohormones, you should use 6-8 week cycles of Endotest, followed by 3-4 weeks off. The recommended dosage is 3 capsules, 2 times daily with meals for people under 200 lbs. If you are over 200 lbs, you can increase to 6-9 capsules per day.
Forget about the standard Tribulus products you may have tried before. Endotest is so much more, it cant even be put in the same category. Youve never experienced anything that even approaches the potency and effectiveness of Endotest. One cycle and youll be a believer.


*These statements about Endotest have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Endotest is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Endotest and we no longer have it in stock.

Endotest Reviews

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  1.  endotest review
    it works well as a post cycle,do 10 days of 6oxo and then 20 days of endo test,and this will boost up your test and help you maintain your gains.go to my my space page and view my pictures in the bodybuilding album.i used this after cycling m1t and 4 ad. pete fellow iron warriors add me aswell as metal heads...
    Reviewer: pete d from danbury,ct usa on January 14, 2008

  1.  It made me depressed
    This stuff made me depressed. I dont really think its worth taking. No wonder its not on the market anymore.
    Reviewer: Syd from Aus on February 24, 2007

  1.  hmm dont know
    i am 16 so my testosterone is already up the roof i thought this would increase it more but it was quite the opposite! good thing for me was my acne outbreak stopped, bad thing was less sexual drive and just felt less happy , cant tell if it did anything for my training , as soon as i finished the bottle my acne was back and sex drive. i believe this works only if your testosterone is lower.
    Reviewer: Daniel from nz on August 16, 2006


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