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Supplement Brand: MuscleTech
Gakic Information
GAKIC: Advanced Muscle Fatigue Toxin Reducer
- Immediate 10.5% increase in strength!
- Immediate increases in muscle power!
- Increase fatigue resistance by 28%!
- More explosive reps and performance now!

A new era in musclebuilding performance has arrived.

GAKIC is the biggest bodybuilding breakthrough ever! It's not like creatine, it's not a stimulant, and it's definitely not your generic pre-workout supplement. GAKIC is a patented pre-workout musclebuilding supplement that is unlike anything you've ever seen or tried before!

After eight years of serious research, testing, and clinical studies, GAKIC has already created a buzz in an industry starved for musclebuilding supplements that are backed by real science. The good news is that there's a whole heap of science to support GAKIC. This includes studies that have actually been published in well-respected publications such as Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. And guess what? These studies show the one thing that separates GAKIC from the countless sports supplements released every year: GAKIC really works!

Subjects using GAKIC felt an immediate 10.5 percent increase in strength!

Imagine achieving these fantastic results - subjects using GAKIC felt an immediate 10.5 percent increase in strength! In one clinical study, GAKIC supplementation significantly increased the total muscle work performed during intense sets of resistance training by an average of 10.5 percent during the first 15 minutes. A 28 percent jump in fatigue resistance was also shown! Bottom line: You'll train harder, train longer, and get bigger.

Need to break out of a frustrating plateau? GAKIC will give you the ammo you need to get more explosive reps on each and every set. Instead of reaching failure at the rate you normally would, GAKIC can help you do more work, train more intensely, and blast muscle fibers you never knew you had. We're talking about a musclebuilding supplement designed to make every single workout your very best.

And GAKIC works immediately, just take it before you train! There's no loading, cycling, or maintenance phases. If you train four times a week, one bottle of GAKIC (both caplets and powder) will last for about one month.

GAKIC works immediately, just take it before you train!
How Long Gakic Last:
If you train 5 times a week, Gakic will last 3 weeks
If you train 4 times a week, Gakic will last 4 weeks
If you train 3 times a week, Gakic will last 5 weeks


*These statements about Gakic have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Gakic is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Gakic and we no longer have it in stock.

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