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Glennys Soy Crisps

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Supplement Brand: Glenn Foods
Glennys Soy Crisps
Glennys Soy Crisps Information

Soy Crisp Line
High in protein, low in fat and gluten free.
A good source of calcium & folic acid
Delicious new popular flavors enhanced with gourmet seasonings
Certified Kosher and all-natural
As seen on the Rosie ODonnell Show and The View
Only 1 pt. per serving for W.W. Diet Program scale
New, unique light and crispy texture
Non-GMO Soy Flour

Soy Crisps and Soy Fudgies offer you a new and exciting way to enjoy delicious brownie cookies and crispy treats while controlling your daily net carb intake. 3g net carbs and 70 calories per serving, no cholesterol, wheat, gluten, and dairy free, sugar free, Non-GMO Soy Flour.

Glennys Soy Crisps

*These statements about Glennys Soy Crisps have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Glennys Soy Crisps is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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1.3 oz. - Case of 24 bags

Glennys Soy Crisps Reviews

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  1.  I ate a whole bag... I feel so... good!
    I came upon these in a neighborhood store, and decided to try them. I didn't even really pay attention to the ingredients or the nutrition information. They were delicious! I admit it, I ate the whole 3 oz. bag. I felt really guilty about it afterwards until I looked at the nutrition label, and realized that I'd only consumed 3 grams of fat and 170 cal. I couldn't believe it. But I've purchased bag after bag since. By the way, I've only tried the barbecue flavor (the only one available in my store) but it easily surpasses in flavor my fav bbq potato chips. Really. I'm sold.
    Reviewer: Emichan from Chucktown, SC on July 07, 2006

  1.  Awesome guilt free snack food
    I usually don't care for stuff like this. But Oh My God! I love them. The hardest part is for me to get them home before I eat them all. I am doing a Kashi/WeightWatchers thing and I can eat these without feeling guilty. They are only 1 point per serving and the serving size is pretty big. Garlic and Onion and Apple Cinnamon are my faves!
    Reviewer: Debra Adams from Wrightstown NJ USA on March 11, 2004

  1.  The best chip- That's good for you
    I recently had the gastric bypass RNY operation and I have a strict diet to follow low fat and high protein. These chips have helps curb my snack attack b/c they are loaded with protein and little to no fat. The flavors are great and they taste excellent. Everyone at my jobs is eating them.
    Reviewer: Susan from Norwalk, CT on February 06, 2004


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