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Gorilla Paks

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Supplement Brand: Vitol
Gorilla Paks Information
Gorilla is an advanced body building formula with creatine monohydrate; and 25 mass potentiating factors to encourage lean muscle growth; definition; and strength.

Manufacturer's Product Research:
Gorilla Paks ingenious All Natural HiTech formula has excelled far above and beyond other products in existence. It's superior scientific and unique formula is One Of A Kind. Acquiring Lean Muscle Mass; Definition and Strength is the goal of most dedicated Body Builders. Gorilla Nitro formula supplies the important ingredients needed by Body Builders and Athletes who want peak performance nutrients. Dibencozide; Chromium Picolinate; O-K-G; Boron; Metabolic Optimizers; Creatine Mono Hydrate; GH Releasers; Plant Sterols; Yohimbe; Succinates; Medium Chain Triglycerides; Vanadyl Sulfate; Glandulars. Gorilla Nitro formulated by Val Vasilef; N.D. winner of over 80 physique; power and weightlifting awards including: Mr. America; also a researcher in sports science and advanced nutrition.

Manufacturer's Directions/Recommended Usage:
As a dietary supplement. Take 5 tablets daily with meals or following exercise; preferable with a snack or meal.

Creatine Mono Hydrate...100mg; Vanadyl Sulfate...10mcg; Dibencozide...10mg; Chromium Picolinate...200mcg; Boron...3000mcg; Gamma Oryzanol...30mg; Amino Acids: OKG (ornithine alpha ketoglutarate)...100mg*; Inosine (hxr)100mg; Herbs: Yohimbe Bark Extract...300mg; Smilax Officianalis...500mg; Wild Mexican Yams...100mg; Plant Sterols: Beta-Sitosterol...200mg; Fucosterol...100mg; Campesterol...100mg; Stigmasterol...50mg; Avenasterol...50mg; Lanosterol...50mg; Glandulars Concentrates: Orchic (testes) Concentrate...500mg; Pituitary Concentrate...100mg; Adrenal Concentrate...100mg; Anterior Lobe Pituitary Concentrate...50mg; Hypothalamus Concentrate...50mg; [* free form GH release]


Gorilla Paks

*These statements about Gorilla Paks have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Gorilla Paks is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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