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Supplement Brand: GEN

We've discontinued HumanoVar and we no longer have it in stock.

HumanoVar Reviews

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  1.  extensive mass&strength gains but...
    I am taking this product for 3 weeks now and i have seen strength and mass gains(10lb of muscles) The only embarrasing side effect is the acne.I have pimples all over my face and my back.It is very annoying
    Reviewer: Mike from Greece,athens on March 25, 2007

    well it does everything it says it does. I am 38 and mixed with added testosterone tablets and any no- BSN NO Xplode products you will notice in 3- 4 weeks as for the previous comment about a harder and stronger dick! hahahahaha not on ya life! all i can say is if you can afford this product buy 2-3 bottles, have 1 week between bottles and go again. as here it is out of stock :O( all the best with your gains and try to eat a little more food than i did to get better results
    Reviewer: Rick from melbourne australia on January 02, 2007

  1.  humanovar is better !
    i'm 22 years old boy from Europe.I'm taking humanovar within 3-4 weeks the effects are difficult to explain. In the gym i have more strength and stamina for the first time, next my arms started to grow. I took it with optimums creatin and soya protein. really cool product. It's superb i've never been so strong in my life. Side effects : harder and bigger pennis !
    Reviewer: Philip from Bulgaria on May 29, 2005


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