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Kranker Fat Burner

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Supplement Brand: IDS
Kranker Fat Burner
Kranker Fat Burner Information
Kranker is the state-of-the-art encapsulated thermogenic. Kranker's synergistic blend of 850mg Guarana, Mau Huang (ephedra), and Coleus Forsohlii produces outstanding results far beyond any comparable thermogenic. After over a year of testing IDS has hit upon ultimate ratio of these ingredients, which generates an astonishing fat burning metabolic response that yields limitless energy.

Kranker Fat Burner

*These statements about Kranker Fat Burner have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Kranker Fat Burner is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Kranker Fat Burner and we no longer have it in stock.

Kranker Fat Burner Reviews

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  1.  Awesome
    I love this product. I take it early at mornings with some sy milk 30 minutes before I work out. It gives me endless enrgy, no jitters, no headaches. This is just as good as ripped fuel. I have noiced some chage in my abdominal area. My abdominal muscles have become more visible. Of course I work out atleast 4 times per week.
    Reviewer: eskeewJ from Houston, Texas on January 22, 2004


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