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Supplement Brand: Dynakor Pharmacal
Kynovar Information
If you only have one hour a day, three or four days a week to work out, youre an average guy. If youre trying to add a few inches to your chest, arms, shoulders and you want to be ripped, hard and well-defined (without looking like some juiced-up steroid freak), youre like most of us an average guy. And because youre an average guy, you need a bodybuilding product specifically designed for you a product capable of producing fast, visible results with minimal gym time.

Something Every Average Guy Who Wants to Get Bigger Needs to Know
Most of the so-called bodybuilding supplements you see advertised in muscle magazines were not developed for you. Look at the pictures in the ads. Who are those guys? Theyre professional bodybuilders, fitness models, and paid endorsers whose job it is to spend 8 hours a day, 7 days a week pumping up and attempting to get as huge and out-of-proportion as a human being can get.

Unlike them, we average guys have real jobs and a life outside the gym. Thats why we need KynoVar a bodybuilding compound designed specifically for the average guy who wants to maximize every minute he spends in the gym a fatty acid polymer that significantly decreases body fat (you get better definition) without reducing muscle mass (you look bigger, faster and keep every ounce of muscle youve struggled to build).

Clinical Proof
KynoVars active liquid compound, a unique blend of positional and stereo-isomers of octadecadienoate (combined with a full complement of mineral aspartates, selenomethionine and Adenosine Monophosphate [AMP]), has been clinically proven (in humans, not animals) to decrease fat, increase lean body mass and add strength in normal people. European researchers studied the effects of KynoVar and their published results were unequivocal KynoVar reduced body fat without causing weight loss (that means losing fat while increasing muscle mass) in adult men across the board. Whether people were fat or trim, out of shape or in shape, the results were the same less fat, more muscle, and for those who exercised, more muscle strength.

Breakthrough formula helps the average guy reduce body fat without sacrificing muscle mass. Finally, even you can add inches to your arms, chest and shoulders while staying ripped, hard, and incredibly defined in less time and with less effort.

Why Is KynoVar Better for You?
All of those expensive specialty bodybuilding powders, testosterone boosters and exotic pro-hormones work for the guys who can spend hours in the gym. Thats who they are designed for. But for most of us, these products can be counterproductive because we dont spend the many hours of daily strenous exercise necessary to completely metabolize them. In the end, youre just adding unnecessary (and expensive) calories that can ultimately turn to fat. Sure, youre bigger, but its not muscle, you wont be stronger, and you wont look cut far from it. Thats why you need KynoVar. KynoVar was specifically developed for the average guy with active compounds designed to convert modest exercise into maximum gains.

In Order to Maximize Muscle Building,
Do You Need to Take Any Other Supplements Along with KynoVar?
Although KynoVar alone is sufficient to maximize fat burning and increase muscle mass, its always advisable to utilize a pre- or post-workout protein supplement. None of the more exotic compounds are necessary. You might also try one of the nighttime proteins on those days when you work out the hardest. Otherwise all you need to do to get big and ripped is take two capfuls of KynoVar once a day in the morning or before you work out.

KynoVar Will Give You the Kind of Body
Other Men Admire and All Women Love to Touch.
Finally the average guy can go to the gym, add mass and keep it, get cut and stay cut. Imagine being bigger, with more definition and more muscle mass and without spending 40 hours a week in the gym. No more yo-yo-ing, no more muscle loss, no more wasted effort. You get the body sculpting, strength-building results you want in less time and with a lot less work. In fact, youll see results so quickly you wont have time to be discouraged.


*These statements about Kynovar have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Kynovar is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Kynovar and we no longer have it in stock.

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