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Supplement Brand: Universal Nutrition
Lava Information

Ever see a volcano explodethe thundering, awe-inspiring surge of raw power that erupts from the deepest bowels of the earth? Maybe you know what were talking about. Maybe on some rare days, you were absolutely on and you felt like you could train all night. Raw power seemed to well up from deep inside you. Well, you want that kind of feeling all the time? Now you can, because youve got LAVA. Without a doubt, the single most important meal comes immediately after an intense workout. You need carbs immediately, as glycogen is used up to fuel your weight training. With LAVA, youre not just getting any old carbs, but GlycoCarbs (our exclusive formulation of dextrose, glucose polymers, and maltodextrin). Theres no fructose, sucrose, or other inferior sugars. But a post-training shake needs more than just carbs. A great post-training shake also needs quality protein. With LAVA, you get 32g of pure protein in the form of ultrafiltrated whey protein along with 32g of carbs. Our premium protein is rich in whey peptides, alpha lactalbumin, immunoglobulins, glycomacropeptides (GMPs), bovine serum albumin (BSA), lactoperoxidase, and lactoferrin. Protein is needed after exercise to kick start protein synthesis and rebuild damaged muscles. To this basic formula, weve added key vitamin, mineral, electrolyte, and phosphate co-factors such as chromium picolinate, vitamins C and E, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous, to name a few. But what lies at the heart of LAVAs real power is this: 5500mg of pure CREAPURE creatine monohydrate, 2500mg of L-glutamine, and over 1000mg of L-taurine. This potent trio makes LAVA the undisputed king of all post-training shakes. While creatine monohydrate has been clinically proven to boost the ergogenic and anabolic drives, L-glutamine and L-taurine can help your body recover after a tough workout. While LAVA is a great post-training shake, its also an ideal creatine-booster. Most creatine boosters use sugar to increase insulin and drive creatine into muscles. While this strategy works, many athletes dont need extra sugar, especially if theyre preparing for a show. Studies now prove that a combination of carbs and protein can work just as well to boost creatine. One such study (J Appl Physiol 2000 89:1165-1171) reported that taking 5g of creatine with a 1:1 ratio of carbs to protein could produce the same results as taking 5g with 96g of carbs alone. So if you want results that can be proven in a scientific lab, turn to LAVA.


*These statements about Lava have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Lava is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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  1.  The real deal
    This product really works due to the combination of carbs and protein, many of us dont have the chance to eat right after our work out session and are misiing the most important muscle food of the day carbs and protein, so lava will give you the advantage for obtaning muscle at this critical peroid after workouts, and will not make miracles but you will get decent muscle gains.
    Reviewer: Jerusho from Rotterdam, Netherlands on September 22, 2006

  1.  GOOD
    I found it good cause i gain a little muscle and it was better than other products i bought maybe cause it has creatine or something
    Reviewer: yz from colombia on April 26, 2005


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