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Mega Creatine Fuel

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Supplement Brand: TwinLab
Mega Creatine Fuel
Mega Creatine Fuel Information
Creatine is considered a naturally occurring nutrient found in skeletal muscle. Creatine assists in providing muscle fibers with the energy needed to enhance muscle building, athletic performance, weight management and increases stamina. For power and strength athletes. Creatine plays an important role in the transfer of energy. In the muscle, it is used to fuel the process of contraction. It is converted to phosphocreatine which is important for short energy bursts such as sprinting and weightlifting. Depletion of phosphocreatine can result in muscular fatigue and fading muscle power. Each specially formulated Mega Creatine Fuel capsule contains only the finest ingredients and is manufactured at our own state-of-the-art facilities with stringent quality control assuring correct potencies and outstanding product freshness. Capsules are easier to swallow than hard tablets and dissolve faster to assure maximum absorption.

Mega Creatine Fuel Ingredients
Creatine monohydrate - 1200mg

Mega Creatine Fuel Suggested Usage
As a dietary supplement, take 3-6 capsules daily.

Mega Creatine Fuel Does Not Contain
Sugars, Salt, Preservatives, Coatings, Colors.

Mega Creatine Fuel

*These statements about Mega Creatine Fuel have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Mega Creatine Fuel is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Mega Creatine Fuel Reviews

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  1.  great great great great
    ok so im going to admit to being under the age of 18 that is recomended to use creatine but i decided to try it for a week. i am going into my summer hockey season and already my speed bursts on the ice drastically changed for the better. it is what i expected and then some. some of my friends take 1-ad but when they loose their hair and balls they will come crying back to me asking why im not. so far so good. i went from being able to squat 145lbs with reps of 8 all the way up to 200lbs with reps of 6!!! no side effects noticed besides a gain of 1 inche on my left arm and 6/8ths on my right (im a lefty). i didnt tell anybody just to see if they would notice. well they did and i just told them i must have hit a spirt. at first i had a light upset stomach but drinking more cleaned that right up. oh the water retention if anything is a positive, it dosnt make you look bloated or fat but ripped.
    Reviewer: Ben from NY on May 10, 2006


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