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Supplement Brand: iSatori
Meta-Cel Information
Meta-Cel Lemonade 30 Serving


The patent-pending Phospitol and the exclusive Potentin, shown in recent studies to help promote volumizer transport into muscle cells and increase lean body mass this helps Meta-cel potentially open the door to new muscle growth by activating the muscle cells to respond to increased hydration within cells.

The most frequently asked questions and answers about Meta-CEL

1.Who makes Meta-CEL?
Met-CEL was developed by Anthony Almada (B.Sc., M.Sc.), a leading sports nutrition researcher and co-founder of EAS, in collaboration with the researchers at iSatori Global Technologies, the company who introduced LEAN SYSTEM 7 (triple-action fat loss activator)-the fastest growing, most effective fat-loss supplement available today.

2.What is Meta-CEL, and how does it work?
Meta-CEL is a new dietary supplement designed specifically for individuals who are trying to gain lean body mass fast, without adding fat weight. Meta-CEL provides a precise synergistic blend of two revolutionary new complexes-the patent-pending Phosphitol and the exclusive Potentin, shown in recent studies to help promote volumizer transport into muscle cells and increase lean body mass-safely and effectively, without the use of high amounts of sugars and/or carbohydrates, harmful pro-hormones, or pro-steroids.

3.What are Phosphitol and Potentin, and how do they work synergistically within Meta-CEL?
Potentin and Phosphitol work synergistically within Meta-CEL to enhance two different functions in the body: the highest achievable gut tolerance and increased myocellular (muscle cell) retention of creatine-formulated to promote complete absorption (thereby avoiding any possible intestinal distress) and to enhance whole body creatine retention... all without adding unnecessary sugars or producing insulin spikes, which makes it ideal for carbo-phobics or calorie cutters.

First, Phosphitol contains a vital energy-producing compound stored in muscle cells. Supersaturating the muscles with elements in this revolutionary complex may open the door to new muscle growth by activating the muscle cells to respond to increased hydration within cells, which may assist in muscle cell development and gains in lean or fat-free mass.

Next, Potentin contains critical nutrient-driving elements, which may increase the activity of existing creatine-specific proteins in muscle cells. Using this compound may help revolve the door by potentiating or boosting the effects of Phosphitol and transporting its primary components into the muscle cells, to store them there and promote muscle cell volume.

Together only in Meta-CEL, they offer a unique, research-driven solution, so you can achieve new gains in fat-free muscle mass. Fast!

4.What kind of results can I expect from using Meta-CEL?
Although it's literally impossible to say exactly how much muscle size and strength each person will gain from using Meta-CEL-obviously, as individuals differ, so will results-numerous people have experienced extraordinary results (lean body mass gains of up to 7 to 10 lbs in as little as 10 days).

5.What does the research say about Meta-CEL?
In a recent study evaluating the key Phosphitol complex ingredients in Meta-CEL, some participants showed up to an 83% whole body creatine retention rate, which is simply phenomenal, considering that several studies have shown that greater muscle creatine retention means greater gains in fat-free mass! To date, no studies have shown a retention rate of this magnitude. What's more, it's theorized that adding Potentin may push the absorption to an astonishing 100%! This means as the muscle cells undergo complete supersaturation of the Meta-CEL compounds, they could reach their maximum volume-to appear fuller, rounder, and harder, and as a result, continue to build muscle faster and more efficiently.

6.How do you take Meta-CEL for maximum results?
Meta-CEL is a delicious, easy-to-use dietary supplement drink mix that you simply stir into 8 oz of water. To achieve results similar to those found in the initial study, it is suggested you consume four servings of Meta-CEL for the first three days, followed by one to two servings daily. Remember, Meta-CEL provides the exact science-based amounts of Phosphitol and Potentin, so it's important to follow these usage instructions exactly.

7.Does Meta-CEL cause any side effects?
No significant side effects (except lean body mass gains) have been reported or observed in Meta-CEL users. Meta-CEL contains no sugars like dextrose (it is sweetened with sucralose) or harmful pro-hormones like andro, and it does not contain any illegal pro-steroids.


*These statements about Meta-Cel have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Meta-Cel is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Meta-Cel and we no longer have it in stock.

Meta-Cel Reviews

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  1.  Good stuff
    This stuff essentially makes your body much harder. The muscles are harder and your body feels great. The downside is the cost, but if you can afford it, it is definitely worth it. I am much more solid than I would be without it!
    Reviewer: John Starks from New York, NY on November 01, 2004

  1.  affects are awesome
    Well, my friend and I just took some of this after a workout. Well, nothing happened but then 1 hour later we could feel the affects 10,000mg of creatine. We were so jacked we couldn't set still. Listen there is two kinds of people in this world. Sheeps and sharks, sharks don't look back because they don't have necks. People ask me What kind am I, I say "gusty question ur a shark." Overall were both jerks and everybody loves us. Take it makes your life better.
    Reviewer: Rage from The mean streets of WV on September 05, 2004


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