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Myo-Blast CSP3

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Supplement Brand: Cytodyne
Myo-Blast CSP3
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Myo-Blast CSP3 Reviews

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  1.  Another bull to hit the market
    After reading all the bullshit stories about Cytodyne Myo-Blast and how this product it suppose to work (maybe in the lab, on rats) decided to buy and give it a try. Didn't notice any improvments in my bench press in stead I have got a very upset stomach. I am very disappointed about this product.
    Reviewer: Michael M. from NJ on November 18, 2007

  1.  Upset Stomach
    I purchased Myo-Blast at GNC due to recommendation from the sales agent. I had taken Myo-Blast for a month and , I had increase in my strenth, endurance and recovery time. I had to return it back to GNC due to the upset stomach it caused me, also my stool after my bathroom use is green.
    Reviewer: B from New York on July 12, 2004

  1.  No results
    I took a whole bottle of this stuff, worked out hard six times a week, and did not gain a pound of muscle. I have seen far better results from nitrix after only 1 week!
    Reviewer: KRB from Asheville, NC on February 14, 2004


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