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Supplement Brand: Scitec Nutrition

We've discontinued MyoMax and we no longer have it in stock.

MyoMax Reviews

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  1.  Myomax
    Does not contain dangerous chemicals Guanidinopropionic Acid , or Glycocyamine. Just take the right amount i weigh 170 pounds and take 2 scoops. Ive used this product a while and it works decent. I feel it is a safer product than others which have chemicals in them with little research of them being safe.
    Reviewer: Rob from Seattle WA on March 29, 2007

  1.  Good product!
    Its yummy. Very satisfying. I like the reall fruit pieces in it. Good product!
    Reviewer: Kelly from Sanjose, CA on March 02, 2007

  1.  The solution to Ultimate result
    I have been using mymax All in one formula since 2 year in moderation about 2-4 times a week post workout. I have lifting weights for a total of 8 year. During this past 2 years, I have noticed more results than the pervious 6 year. Myomax builds muscles, improves endurance during workout and strenghtens body over all. I definitely recommend this product to any one who is interested to get big and look good in a healthy way and without using anabolic steoroids
    Reviewer: Khalil Nader from VA on June 25, 2004


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