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Supplement Brand: EAS
Myoplex Information

Myoplex provides your body with an abundance of high-quality proteins and carbohydrates, in addition to a wide array of vitamins, minerals, and other important micronutrients is extremely important to your efforts to build a better body.
Unfortunately, in today's busy world, it's often difficult, even for the most dedicated people, to make time to shop for, prepare, and eat multiple meals, day in and day out, that contain all of the nutrients their body needs to support their efforts to build better bodies. Myoplex is the answer.

The Myoplex Precision Nutrition Formula brings you a comprehensive, convenient, and economical tool you can use to help ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to sustain your active lifestyle.

The Myoplex Precision Nutrition Formula provides 42 grams of a unique and proprietary mixture of high-quality proteins, which includes ion-exchanged whey protein. These ion-exchanged whey proteins are possibly the best protein available today.

Myoplex's unique formula also contains Cell VolumizingĂ˝ amino acids, L-glutamine and taurine, in addition to an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Each serving of Myoplex also includes 24 grams of carbohydrates and just 2 grams of fat!

The Myoplex Precision Nutrition Formula was designed to support your efforts to build a better body when used along in addition to an effective diet and exercise routine. Even better, Myoplex is absolutely delicious and easy to use!


*These statements about Myoplex have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Myoplex is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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  1.  nothing
    it is really an execellent product. i hv used Mega Mass 400 for the three months. but it didn't work it, it is totally bogus thing for me. but after some time i have seen EAS Myoplex on the internet i hv ordered it, then i hv start using this this during my exercise. i hv increased my muscle size up to 10 pounds in only the period of 2 months. thanx to EAS Myoplex.
    Reviewer: Danish from Pakistan on September 16, 2004


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