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Supplement Brand: Syntrax
Nectar Information

Syntrax Nectar woud like to welcome to the critically acclaimed world of NECTAR! No more are the days of low quality whey protein. No more are the days of those blah-tasting protein drinks that promise much but deliver nothing. Syntrax Nectar once-and-for-all breaks the mold by mixing Promina, the highest quality whey protein isolate ever developed, with a flavoring system that is so fruitilicious that you will never want another whey protein shake ever again.

If you like the taste of fruit juice, you'll love Syntrax Nectar! With its mouthwatering fruit juice flavors, Syntrax Nectar is truly a protein drink you will look forward to drinking each day. Whether it be Apple Ecstasy, Very Cherry Berry, or Caribbean Cooler, Syntrax Nectar will keep you coming back for more.

Not only that but Syntrax did something totally amazing by engineering Syntrax Nectar to be so delicious that you can eat it right straight from the container. This protein powder tastes like candy. Imagine this protein powder having ZERO carbs and NO fat. Stop imagining! Syntrax brought you Nectar!


*These statements about Nectar have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Nectar is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Nectar and we no longer have it in stock.

Nectar Reviews

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  1.  Virgina's Caesar
    Great tasting, but not the results i was i expected. No Bloating feeling which was good, but it didn't put on the mass i wanted
    Reviewer: Tony from Virginia on March 22, 2006

  1.  Very Nice
    Where can I start? Well this has to be the best tasting protein on the market! If you are like me and need great tasting products then this is the way to go.
    Reviewer: Chris from Houston, TX on June 08, 2005

  1.  awesome protein!!!
    I have had gastric bypass and have begun body building and have to supplement with protein and have tried about 10 different brands, including soy and have had them all upset my stomach. Most others are also hard to mix and are very filling. Apple extasy is very easy to mix, tastes great...even just as the powder alone is great! There is no over full feeling and it is quick asorbing and has no extra sugars. I find that I feel it is quick acting and have no tired of having the same thing every day several times a day. Well worth the money!!!!
    Reviewer: Tatyana from MHAFB Idaho,USA on January 15, 2004


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