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Supplement Brand: BSN
Nitrix Information
The New Muscle Enhancing Phenomenon That Will Change A Generation!
Nitrix has just tapped into one of the most powerful muscle building phenomenons discovered to date. This newly generated class of supplementation utilizes the breakthrough molecule NO (recently awarded The Noble Prize in 1998) to help promote new growth and visually alter your body. The Nitrix induced transformation is going to change a generation; most importantly, this ground-breaking new product is NON-HORMONAL!

What To Expect From Nitrix!
Week 1 - Your Body Is In A NO Loading Phase, Prepare Yourself For What Is About To Take Place! You will start to experience the initial signs of your muscle swelling full body pumps! You will also notice the beginning stages of an increase in your strength, recuperation and endurance. Week 2 - Nitrix Has Just Turned On The Transformation Switch! At some point in week 2 the NO switch flips on. You will really start to see and feel the power of the Nitrix induced transformation. During week 2 your strength, recuperation and endurance should noticeably increase. Your muscles will also become visibly fuller and much harder and you may also start to experience an increase in male size and performance. Week 3 - The Metamorphosis Has Begun And It Only Gets Better From Here! You will feel your skin tightening around your muscles and your vascularity will become exaggerated (almost freakish). You should now be experiencing rock hard, full body pumps that last all day long. Your recuperation will seem almost immediate and your strength and endurance should skyrocket. Your gains in lean mass should be unmistakable when you step on the scale and at this point everyone in the gym will be asking what you are taking. Week 4 And Beyond - Everyday You Look In The Mirror You Should Notice A New, More Muscular Physique. You should now be achieving new levels in lean mass, muscularity, and density that many people only reach after years of heavy lifting! If you think this is good, hang on; the Nitrix transformation still has a long way to go!

Nitrix - The Most Advanced NO Supplement Ever Developed!

L-Arginine AKG - The Premier NO Booster!

BSN has taken vaso-muscular volumization to the next level by developing a premier NO booster that ensures optimum NO production over current NO boosters. L-Arginine Alpha Keto-Glutarate (AAKG) has the unique ability to improve the conversion process of Arginine into NO. However, the NO boosting power of this specific amino acid is heavily dependent upon the bonded ratio of L-Arginine to AKG. After months of extensive research BSN has developed a precise bonded ratio of L-Arginine to AKG. This ratio promotes an increase in NO production over standard bonded versions of L-Arginine AKG. BSN's proprietary AAKG technology makes Nitrix the world's premier NO booster.

Methocel - Controlled Release Technology!

The muscle enhancing benefits of NO are only as effective as the delivery system that is able to maintain a constant level of this molecule in the blood. Until recently NO was unable to be released at a controlled and sustained release rate. Without this required release profile the body cannot benefit from this powerful vaso-muscular volumizer. This is why BSN went to great lengths to ensure that Nitrix had the most scientifically validated and effective release protocol for NO ever developed. We enlisted the help of one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world to develop a proven delivery system that would outperform any release profile ever developed for this new breakthrough class of supplementation. BSN's exclusive release technology (aka Methocel - a micro-polymer hydrophilic ether matrix) was developed by Dow Chemical to control the release rate of specific ingredients. Methocel provides Nitrix with a constant and steady release rate of NO and maintains its concentrations in the blood near 24 hours. BSN's controlled release technology has just opened up the unlimited muscle and performance enhancing potential of NO.

The Vital Nutrient Support System!

Nitrix contains a vital support system that provides the body with specific nutrients that are required to effectively utilize the vaso-muscular volumizing properties of NO.

Nutrient #1 - An Essential NO Enzyme - Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is an essential NO enzyme that has a vital role in the conversion of L-AAKG to NO. Without the addition of this enzyme NO conversion is minimized to less than ideal levels. However, with the added support of this enzyme NO production is considerably increased to levels that may have never before been obtainable by the body.

Nutrient #2 - A Key NO Donor - L-Citrulline is an amino acid that is an extremely powerful NO donor. This relatively unheard of amino acid has a significant role in the body's NO production process due to its unique ability to continually recycle itself into NO. This continuous recycling procedure promotes increased and sustained levels of NO in the blood.

Nutrient #3 - A Precise Blend of Essential Phosphates - Phosphoplexx is a precise blend of essential phosphates that are crucial in the uptake and storage of nutrients in the muscle cell. Without these phosphates the body's ability to increase and store the amounts of protein (amino acids), glucose (carbohydrates), ATP, creatine, oxygen, and calcium within the muscle are significantly limited. Phosphoplexx enhances the uptake of these nutrients into the muscle which is extremely important to achieve the true potential of NO.

The addition of this vital support system amplifies the body's ability to produce and significantly increase NO to optimal muscle and performance enhancing levels.


*These statements about Nitrix have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Nitrix is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Nitrix Reviews

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  1.  Not bad...
    Ive been using it for 2 and half weeks now and Ican feel the pump alot more however I wouldnt say my recovery time has gotten better.However I don't stack this the only supplement I'm taking, which is probaly why my results aren't coming in.
    Reviewer: shawn from canada on April 09, 2008

  1.  Best product I have taken
    I'm 5'11 235 and have been lifting for years. I am on my secind week, and am still shocked on how strong i feel. i have honestly no joke increased my strength at least 30 percent in two weeks. Im not sure who it works for and who it doesnt, but i take this with animal pack vitamins, prolabs creatine monohydrate, isopure whey protein and about 6 to 8 meals a day. I will say that some one else said it write... takes alot of discipline its very hard to takethe pills in between meals ect, but if your serious i dont see how it wont work for you
    Reviewer: Luis from Brownsmills NJ on January 28, 2008

  1.  Excellent Product
    I'm in the military, and currently deployed in Baghdad. Im an 11bravo(infantry) so stayin in shape is cucial for me. I've takin quite a few products, such as NanoX9, Creatine, Amino Fuel, Luekic, Gakic, and all kinds of whey protein. I've been workin out for years and I must say after about 1 month of taking this product, I have noticed a significant difference in myself. It increases my overall pump, and I feel less tired and worn out the next day. The only thing bad I could say about it, is the amount of caffine, considering that it kind of triggers a negative affect for a n/o product. It more or less consticts the veins, more then opening. However, due to this fact I have not noticed anything negative, so maybe the product itself has something in it to where this isnt affected. I still think the product in general is great. True Mass is def. the best whey protein I have ever tried.
    Reviewer: Michael from Baghdad, Iraq on January 02, 2008

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