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Nitro ATP

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Supplement Brand: Urban Biologics
Nitro ATP Information
Nitro ATP by Urban Biologics

7 Muscle-Building Features:

Creates Massive Increases In
Protein Synthesis And Muscle Size!

Provides Genetic Building Blocks For
Rapid New Muscle Growth!

Speeds Recovery Time And Muscle Repair!

Synergizes With Other Supplements!

Accelerates Fat Burning For Ultimate Definition!

Improves Cell Volume And Nutrient Delivery!

Increases Athletic Performance And Strength!

Dear Friend,

Big, brutally muscular arms you have to have them! After all, thats what really defines a bodybuilder to the world at large. Big arms set you apart. They put you on a permanent VIP list everywhere you go. Look at that guys guns is a comment you cant hear enough.

Hi, Im Greg Kovacs, and I should know. After all, Im the owner of the worlds largest muscular arm a full 27 inches. So listen friend, if you havent been complimented on your arms lately (or not at all), I strongly urge you to continue reading this special message Because youre about to discover a new, scientifically tested supplement called Nitro-ATP that could easily help you add 2-3 inches to your guns
in no time.

No kidding! Listen, if Nitro-ATP is powerful enough to still keep my arms growing after 18 years of training think about how fast someone with only 1-2 years of training could grow! Its staggering! And it wont be muscle just on your arms youll get big all over! Your quads, chest, delts, back, shoulders, all exploding with more raw brutal muscle than you can imagine!

Now lets get down to business about why Nitro-ATP is so potent. Two words adenosine tri-phosphate, ATP. ATP is the actual chemical energy substrate in the body that causes all body functions to work, including all muscle contraction. In fact, your eyes are using ATP just to read this, and you couldnt even breathe in one ounce of oxygen without it. Sure, protein and pro-hormones help build muscle but without lots and lots of ATP, the process of protein synthesis slows to a crawl and pro-hormones dont convert properly!

If youre in a hurry to build big guns this is your lucky day! Check it out. A few months ago I thought my arms had maxed-out at a staggering 26 inches. But after taking Nitro-ATP, coupled with intense training, I still added another full inch making them a world-record 27 inches! So imagine how fast a pair of arms could grow if they arent anywhere near their genetic potential! Read all the exciting details NOW!

Basically, you wont grow, or not nearly as fast as you could, if your ATP levels are low no matter what else you take!

But heres something that will really shock you! At least 90% of bodybuilders have chronically low ATP levels simply because hard-core training (training that causes growth!) depletes ATP stores faster than anything else known to science. In fact, within the first 10 minutes of your workout, the amount of ATP stored in your muscles has already decreased very significantly!

But jack your ATP levels to the moon and keep them there and it will help protein synthesis (muscle growth) occur so rapidly youll hardly believe your eyes!

This is so crucial yet hardly any supplement companies talk about ATPs importance because pure, pharmaceutical ATP is
actually a prescription drug, and they cant sell it, so theres no point in promoting it.

But the research staff at Urban Biologics has put together Nitro-ATP, the one and only supplement on the market designed specifically to dramatically elevate, then slam into the muscle cell, one of the most important compounds of all for lightning-fast muscle growth!

Heres a breakdown of the main growth factors in this amazing, new formula.

Inzitol (D-pinitol)! This new compound is awesome because it acts as a powerful insulin spiker that drives massive amounts of glucose from the foods you eat into the muscle cell, which then converts to ATP. And Inzitol also has this astonishing nutrient driving effect on all the other ATP-forming compounds in Nitro-ATP!! Youll be a virtual non-stop ATP factory, 24-7.

Ribose! Its actually a nucleic acid thats at the backbone of your DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Ribose is extremely important because it contains the chemical instructions necessary for muscle cells to grow, develop and divide! In addition, ribose is the starting point for production of ATP!!

Creatine! The old standby. But remember, creatine is notorious for not being properly absorbed. Who cares how many grams you take? Whats important is how many you absorb. Nitro-ATP solves this two ways: one, the addition of Inzitol drives more creatine into the cell; and two, the low-carbohydrate, effervescent delivery system gets maximum absorption from the gut into the bloodstream. And since its low carb, you wont get all bloated and puffy like you can from high-sugar delivery systems!

Glutamine! The most abundant amino in muscle tissue! Great for muscle repair and recovery, plus increases in protein synthesis. Its been shown in some studies to increase growth hormone production, as well.

Arginine! Massively increases whats called nitric oxide which dramatically increases blood flow which then dramatically increases nutrient delivery like ATP into the muscle. Remember, its really all about ATP, and Nitro-ATP helps get it into the cells about 6 different ways. Arginine also has been shown to increase what are called sarcomeres, which are the contractile components of muscle cells. And the more contraction, the stronger and bigger the muscles get.

Phosphates! Phosphates are added to help the creatine monohydrate in Nitro-ATP convert into the creatine phosphate. Remember, ATP stands for adenosine tri-phosphate so you must convert as much creatine monohydrate into creatine phosphate as possible for maximum ATP stores. Unfortunately, most creatine companies dont even mention this, but its enormously important because its ultimately creatine phosphate thats doing all the ATP generating, and thus helping you build muscle!

Nitro-ATP Will Rock Your Muscle-Building World
You Have My Personal Guarantee!

The bottom line for getting big arms is training hard, then getting the proper re-building nutrients into the muscle cell so growth can take place. Now, I certainly cant help you train hard, but I can help give your body such a jolt of ATP that even an average training session using Nitro-ATP can still induce more muscle growth than any previous ball-buster workout without it!

Believe me, when you try Nitro-ATP just once youll have so much muscular energy, it will be almost impossible not to train like an animal and then grow well beyond your wildest magination.

Give Nitro-ATP a try today. You have my word it will rock your muscle-building world like no other supplement youve ever tried!

Yours for Big Guns,
Greg Kovacs

Thanks to Nitro-ATP, building huge muscular arms will be easy!

Nitro ATP

*These statements about Nitro ATP have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Nitro ATP is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Nitro ATP and we no longer have it in stock.

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