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Supplement Brand: Anabolic Xtreme
Phera-Plex Information
The basic substance at the heart of Phera-Plex is a naturally occurring pheromone, which just happens to have considerable anabolic properties. By tweaking it slightly, we have greatly increased its oral bioavailability and effect. The active ingredient in Phera-Plex (2-eneTM) has never been released as a stand-alone product. It is something that Designer Supplements has had under wraps for almost a year. The new Anabolic Xtreme/Designer Supplements team has been working around the clock to bring you Phera-Plex as quickly as possible.

What can you expect from Phera-Plex?

In the real world Phera-Plex is, mg for mg, almost as anabolic as Superdrol, but it is far more androgenic. Because it is a pheromone, 2-eneTM is unlike most compounds you may be familiar with. Take the androgenic effects: while it has most of the positive effects of highly androgenic compounds – increased strength, hardening of muscles, vascularity, pumps, and ability to focus – it does not contribute noticeably to aggression, to the contrary, in fact. The side-effects are minimal. Make up your own mind whether the increase in libido is a welcome effect. At this point its effects on the hairline and prostate are unclear, as a strong androgen we would expect it would not be friendly here, but testers reported no problems. 2-eneTM simply cannot convert to estrogen, so there is no bloating. The least welcome effect is that it causes oily skin, and by consequence acne. It is more economical than Superdrol , the catch is that the androgenic effects with Phera-Plex are much more prominent, the anabolic to androgenic ratio is not as perfect as with Superdrol . As long as you have no troubles with the androgenic effects, however, you will feel great while using Phera-Plex.

Here is a recommendation for a relatively inexpensive, yet very effective anabolic cycle of eight weeks duration. On to the details: run Phera-Plex for three weeks at full dose, say 30mg, then for two weeks run it for 20mg while overlapping with a medium dose of Superdrol , say 20mg, then run Superdrol by itself at your full dose, say 30mg, for the last three weeks. You will love most of the effects of Phera-Plex, but after using a full bottle you will welcome the transition to Superdrol – beauty after the beast. Following the completion of this cycle, four weeks of Rebound XT will bring your natural testosterone production back to where it should be. If you have any familiarity with Designer Supplements, you know well that they are concerned that you get the most out of their products. They stand or fall by the quality of their products, and their users’ feedback speaks for itself. These products and this recommended stack, in conjunction with serious training; always using proper form, and with an intelligently conceived nutritional regimen, will be an incredibly effective muscle-building combination.

Phera-Plex Ingredients
Serving Size: 1 Capsule Servings Per Container: 60 Amount Per Serving: 2-ene - 10mg (17a-Methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol)

Phera-Plex Suggested Usage
To what extent the sides manifest themselves will likely determine the upper range of dosing in any individual. As with any compound, some people respond better than others. Those who are fortunate not to be troubled too much by them may be able to take up to twice the recommended dose. Let the side effects and how you feel be your guide. To be clear, by this we do not mean that they will only achieve the same effect as those using the lower dose: they should expect greater gains, up to the point of diminishing returns. Most people will be very pleased with the results from 20-30mg of 2-eneTM. Take 10mg beginning first thing in the morning, and distribute evenly throughout the day.


*These statements about Phera-Plex have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Phera-Plex is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Phera-Plex and we no longer have it in stock.

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