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Protein Crystals

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Protein Crystals Information
Protein Crystals

Pop it in your mouth it tastes better than Pixy-Stix.** Drop it in water it tastes better than Kool-Aid. Either way, Protein Crystals is the best-tasting, most convenient, fastest-assimilating, 100% whey isolate protein youve ever had. You dont need water. You dont need a shaker. You dont need a blender. You definitely dont need a refrigerator. Heck, you dont even need to chew. Its the absolute, most incredible breakthrough in protein supplementation since the invention of well protein supplements.

Remember Pop Rocks* or Pixy Stix**? Those sugar-filled candies you used to get at the candy store? The patent-pending technology that produces, what we call, Crystalized Protein makes it possible for protein to taste just as sugary-sweet and flavorful as that incredibly delicious candy you used to enjoy as a kid but without all that sugar (Protein Crystals is sweetened with calorie free sucralose). One taste of Protein Crystals and youll never have to force yourself to eat your necessary daily supply of protein again

Dont Let the Great Taste Fool You... Powerful Protein Supplementation

Protein Crystals is the first product ever to contain the patent-pending Crystalized Protein technology delivering an incredible 20 grams of 100% Whey Protein Isolate per serving, with just 6 grams of total carbohydrates. Thats right. Simply tear open a QuikPak of Protein Crystals and pop the sweet-tasting, textured granules directly into your mouth. Youll immediately feel a slight effervescence as your salivary glands begin to dissolve Protein Crystals, immediately dissipating Whey Protein Isolates directly across your buccal membranes and into your bloodstream.

Instant Oral Absorption

Oh sure, you could mix Protein Crystals with water for a cool, refreshing Black Cherry drink that tastes better than Kool-Aid. But for ultra-quick absorption, just hold Protein Crystals in your mouth for a few short seconds. That way, the 100% whey isolate protein (loaded with branched chain amino acids [BCAAs] like valine, leucine and isoleucine, as well as a full and complete spectrum of Essential, Nonessential and Conditionally Essential Amino Acids) can immediately begin going to work to help rebuild and grow lean muscle tissue, and up-regulate your metabolism. Instant oral absorption means less amino acid catabolism (waste) because less protein passes through your gut and digestive tract. You get immediate amino acid availability and the best-tasting protein product ever developed.

The Ultimate in Great Taste and Convenience

Protein Crystals is more than just a great-tasting, rapidly assimilated, totally convenient protein supplement. Protein Crystals contains not only 100% whey isolate protein, the purest form of protein you can buy, but a 100% cross-flow, micro-filtrated protein extraction (ion-exchange), so the protein in Protein Crystals is undenatured (which means that all of the growth factors and powerful immune-supporting protein fractions found in pure whey such as immunoglobulins and lactoferrin are intact and in high supply). No more worrying about whether you have hot water, cold water, a blender, or a cup. All you need is a resealable Protein Crystals QuikPak and youre locked and loaded with the one supplement that keeps you anabolic and metabolic all day long no matter where you go, no matter how busy you get.

Muscle Candy

Revolutionary Protein Crystals is scientifically engineered to increase amino acid absorption, cell volumization (larger, fuller muscles), strength, muscle recovery and dramatically decrease muscle catabolic stress and oxidation.

Most importantly, Protein Crystals tastes great right out of the bag or instantly mixed with water. Protein Crystals is an incredible innovation in taste, assimilation and convenience high quality protein in a revolutionary formula that just happens to taste amazingly better than any other protein supplement ever! Pop some Protein Crystals in your mouth and youre good to go. Protein Crystals is so great tasting, one company is even calling it Muscle Candy.

No powders to mix, no gritty, watered-down sludge no gas, no bloating, no embarrassment. Just total convenience and ultimate taste. Although Protein Crystals tastes like candy in your mouth, this powerful ion exchange formula is serious supplementation delivering instant protein for rapid absorption and solid muscle. Just one taste of Protein Crystals and youre hooked. Best of all, because you eat Protein Crystals a little bit at a time, you have a constant supply of available protein all day long preventing muscle catabolism caused by between-meal protein deficit ensuring maximum muscle gains without any protein-related muscle loss.

Kiss The 3-Hour Protein Rule Goodbye!
Finally, a Convenient, Constant, Anti-Catabolic Protein Supply
The 3-Hour Rule says you have to eat protein every three hours to keep muscle catabolism from setting in. However, no one would argue that the best way to make sure your body has a readily available protein supply would be to eat small amounts of protein all day long, even between your main protein meals. But until now, that was impossible. What were you going to do carry around an open can of stinky tuna in one hand and a fork in the other? Hook up a Ready-To-Drink (RTD) to an intravenous drip?

Now Theres a Better Way!
With Protein Crystals you get your protein all day long, a little bit at a time, so your body never goes into protein deficit. Since you can eat Protein Crystals all day long (or easily mix it with water) your body never has the need to catabolize muscle mass as an energy source. You keep the muscle you build, you never go into protein deficit, and you get bigger, harder, leaner, and more ripped than you ever thought possible.

Finally theres a powerful protein supplement with taste thats off the charts Muscle Candy that delivers high quality, body-building protein in a revolutionary, great-tasting formula. Just pop Protein Crystals into your mouth and youre good to go anytime, any place!

Protein Crystals

*These statements about Protein Crystals have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Protein Crystals is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Protein Crystals and we no longer have it in stock.

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