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Russian Bear

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Supplement Brand: Vitol
Russian Bear
Russian Bear Information
Russian Bear Tabs combines Russian and American technology to form an anabolic formula for increased muscle mass; strength; endurance; and energy.

Manufacturer's Product Research:
Russian Bear is a natural Anabolic Soviet formula combined with our countries latest technology in developing the most powerful and advanced bodybuilding product known to sport science. Russian Bear contains physiological factors of High biological Activity. Biological Active Substance (BAS) are capable of positive change within the body. Russian Bear's scientific formula incorporates Exogenous BAS in the form of Adaptogens; Krebs Cycle Intermediates; Anti-Oxidants; Anabolic Activators; Methyl Donors; Energy Metabolizes; Buffering Agents; etc. adaptogens energize the central nervous system so greater work loads can be handled without over training. Russian Bear was formulated by Val Vasilef; Winner of over 80 physique; power and weightlifting awards including Mr. America; also a researcher in the field of gerontology and sport nutrition. Russian Bear is a complete natural product. Perfect for competitive; serious and hard core body builders and professional athletes in all sports.

Manufacturer's Directions/Recommended Usage:
As a dietary supplement; take 8 tablets daily with a meal.

Yohimbe Bark600mg; Dibencozide (coenzyme B-12)..10mg; Boron3mg; Trans-Ferulic Acid600mg; Chromium Picolinate200mcg; Colostrum200mg; Mexican Wild Yam/Taro Root300mg; Arginine Pyroglutamate4410mg; Creatine Phosphate50mg; L-Carnitine (freebase)100mg; Inosine HXR500mg; Succinate (from potassium succinate)400mg; Carnosine (physiological activator)20mg; Lipoic Acid (pyruvate oxidation factor)100mg; Eleutherococcus500mg; lanine500mg


Russian Bear Ingredients
Yohimbe Bark - 600mg, Dibencozide (coenzyme B-12)..10mg, Boron - 3mg, Trans-Ferulic Acid - 600mg, Chromium Picolinate - 200mcg, Colostrum - 200mg, Mexican Wild Yam/Taro Root - 300mg, Arginine Pyroglutamate - 4410mg, Creatine Phosphate - 50mg, L-Carnitine (freebase) - 100mg, Inosine HXR - 500mg, Succinate (from potassium succinate) - 400mg, Carnosine (physiological activator) - 20mg, Lipoic Acid (pyruvate oxidation factor) - 100mg, Eleutherococcus - 500mg, lanine - 500mg

Russian Bear Suggested Usage
As a dietary supplement, take 8 tablets daily with a meal.

Russian Bear Recommended Daily Allowance
High Performance Anabolics, Vitamins - Antioxidants: Beta-Carotene (provitamin A) - 25000iu**, Vitamin D-3 - 1000iu - 250%, Vitamin C - 2000mg - 336%, Natural Vitamin E - 600iu - 2000%, Vitamin B-1 - 150mg - 1000%, Vitamin B-2 - 150mg - 8824%, Vitamin B-6 - 150mg - 7500%, Vitamin B-12 - 300mcg - 5000%, Niacin - Niacinamide - 150mg - 750%, Pantothenic Acid - 300mg - 3000%, Folic Acid - 400mcg - 100%, Biotin - 300mcg - 100%, PABA - 20mg**, Maximum Performance Anabolics: Leucine - 1000mg, Isoleucine - 1000mg, Valine - 1000mg, Orchic (testes) Concentrate - 1200mg, Thymus Concentrate - 200mg, Adrenal Concentrate - 200mg, Pancreases Concentrate - 100mg, Pituitary concentrate - 100mg, Anterior Lobe Pituitary Concentrate - 100mg, Hypothalamus Concentrate - 100mg, Biologically Active Boosters - Anabolic Sterols: Gamma Oryzonol - 100mg, Smilax Officianalis - 100mg, Beta Sitosterol - 50mg, Stigmasterol - 50mg, Fucosterol - 50mg, Campesterol - 50mg, Saw Palmetto - 50mg, Gotu Kola - 50mg, Maximum Performance Minerals, Methyl Donors - Energy Metabolizers: TMG (trimethylglycine) - 150mg**, L-Methionine - 150mg**, Calcium (carbonate-citrate) - 1000mg - 100%, Magnesium (oxide-succinate) - 500mg - 125%, potassium (succinate-aspartate) - 99mg**, Manganese (gluconate) - 10mg**, Copper (ferrous fumarate) - 2mg - 100%, Zinc (picolinate) - 75mg - 500%, Selenium (selenomethionine) - 200mg**, Iodine (kelp) - 150mcg - 100%, Molybdenum (molybdate) - 150mcg**, Vanadium (amino acid chelate) - 100mcg**, [ % U.S. RDA], [** No U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) has been established]

Russian Bear

*These statements about Russian Bear have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Russian Bear is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Russian Bear Reviews

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    Ive used this product for 2 1/2 years and noticed a huge change. Ive combined Russian Bear And Gamma-O for the last year and my work out is even twice as hard and I feel twice as good. Give them both RUSSIAN BEAR and GAMMA-O a shot an I bet YOULL feel just as GREAT or BETTER......
    Reviewer: brian from NEW YORK on January 08, 2008

  1.  The suplement above all
    Too bad that a label is so darn cheesy that I stayed away from this product for a long time . Once I tried , the benefits in my running , cycling and weight lifting were great . This stuff simply makes me feel great .
    Reviewer: Wojtek from Atlanta on December 23, 2007

  1.  excellent
    i bought a bottle of russian bear and its better than all the other bs supplement that is out there. it actually works hands down!
    Reviewer: mike from dearborn, MI on December 12, 2007

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