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Supplement Brand: Klein-Becker
SomnaBol-PM Information

NEW.... Breakthrough Anabolic Complex You Drink Before Bedtime


If you're going to get big, ripped, and strong you can't waste almost 33% of your growth potential... the 6-8 hours of 'down-time' while you sleep.

Nocturnal (sleep-induced) Post-Absorptive Muscle Catabolism known in elite bodybuilding circles as NPMC is a subject very few trainers and bodybuilding experts want to talk about. Why? Because, while everyone knows NPMC reduces muscle growth during what should be the most productive muscle-building cycle (sleep), there was nothing you or anyone else could do about it until now.

Finally! A revolutionary muscle bulking complex you take right before you go to bed not only builds muscle while you sleep, but helps overcome your bodys natural tendency to reduce muscle growth during the pre-dawn hours thats when your body loses its ability to sustain adequate protein synthesis. Its called SomnaBol-PM the first (and only) compound developed to overcome the nightly reduction in muscle growth caused by Nocturnal (sleep-induced) Post-Absorptive Muscle Catabolism.

What is Nocturnal Post-Absorptive
Muscle Catabolism?

No, NPMC is not a disease. Its a natural, every night event that occurs during the later hours of sleep after the release of Growth Hormone has abated when your bodys ability to synthesize new protein (build new muscle mass) is drastically cut. NPMC affects everyone.

Whether youre a natural bodybuilder, or using stimulants, NPMC may frustrate your best efforts for maximum muscle growth each and every night! To defeat Nocturnal Post-Absorptive Muscle Catabolism, scientists had to go back to square one a fundamental understanding of how and why the human body builds muscle. For example: even if you dont know all there is to know about exercise physiology, you do know muscle growth has everything to do with recovery. When you lift hard, you push your muscles to their absolute limit causing microscopic rips or tears deep in the muscle tissue.

Repairing those rips and tears adds mass to the muscle causing growth. (In fact, nearly all successful bodybuilders consider proper rest and recovery to be among the top 3 most important things on their training list if not the most important thing.)

The key to muscle growth and repair is having an adequate supply of bio-available protein when growth hormone is released. However, a full 90% of your daily supply of growth hormone is released not when you work out not when you do cardio training in fact, not even while youre awake. The fact is, 90% of your growth hormone supply is released while you sleep not only that, but during the first four hours of sleep!

During this all-important period of sleep you need compound proteins and nutrients readily available to your muscles, so your body can successfully perform the muscle-repairing, muscle-building process that ultimately makes you big, ripped and strong!

Don't Think High-Tech
Protein Supplements Are Going to Help

But if you think (as many know-it-all amateur bodybuilding experts do) that you can beat NPMC by waking up in the middle of the night to down some high-tech protein shake, youre dead wrong. The truth is, youre wasting your time and money (and maybe doing yourself damage if fat-free muscle mass is your goal).

Thats because high-tech protein compounds, by their very nature, have been designed and developed for rapid absorption. These highly specialized workout proteins, while effective in enhancing muscle growth when used just before and just after strength training, cant help you overcome sleep-induced muscle catabolism because theyre assimilated so quickly that their protein is rapidly used up after only the first few short minutes of sleep leaving nothing for your body to use as muscle-building blocks during the most productive period of Delta (slow-wave) sleep, when 90% of your bodys growth hormone is released. Waking up in the middle of the night (after your initial growth-hormone spike) to down some high-tech protein mix simply adds additional calories that are converted to fat.

So, logically, in order to fight NPMC and maximize muscle-building you need to provide your body with the necessary proteins and nutrients to utilize during this growth-hormone spike AND prolong protein assimilation until after the initial growth-hormone release in order to prevent sleep-induced catabolism from taking over destroying your hard work and making you weaker in the process. Basically, you need to give your body the building blocks for a new foundation of rock-hard muscle.

Without proper recovery parameters, and without the specific, unique, slow-assimilation technology used to prepare the proprietary protein formulation contained in SomnaBol-PM, your muscles will not be able to optimally repair themselves and get bigger and you will never achieve the kind of maximum increases in lean, ripped muscle mass you want and deserve.

SomnaBol-PM the first and only product designed to help your body maintain essential protein synthesis (muscle-building) during sleep, so you build more muscle, get stronger, and achieve your goals faster than everyone else.

Remember, most bodybuilders in training get at least 6 - 8 hours of sleep per night 25 - 33% of each day. In other words, if you dont adequately provide your body with a specially designed, useable amino acid supply during that 6 - 8 hour nocturnal period of growth and repair, you can be losing up to 33% of potential muscle mass gain. Devastating!!! Thats why you need SomnaBol-PM. SomnaBol-PM is specially formulated for nighttime use. A scientifically developed compound that you mix into a shake and drink just before going to bed. Now, we know what youre thinking: A shake before bed? Sounds kind of weird. But when you see and feel the amazing muscle-building results SomnaBol-PM gives you through its unchallenged ability to conquer NPMC, youll wonder what took us so long.

Additionally, along with our exclusive, slow-assimilating protein composite, SomnaBol-PM also contains a proprietary blend of natural relaxant herbs that put you into deep, muscle-building sleep (especially important if youre going through a cutting cycle and are using stimulants).

Moreover, SomnaBol-PM includes an advanced, clinically proven compound shown to double increases in strength, as well as boost testosterone levels by 33.5%! So youll not only get the most muscle mass of your life, but youll also get into sustained slow wave sleep and wake up fresh (without drug hangover) and, with the strength and drive to push your muscles to their limits growing bigger and stronger day after day and night after night.

So Whats the Catch?

There are two. First, SomnaBol-PM is not cheap. At $117 per month, SomnaBol-PM is the most expensive amino acid complex on the market today (so if youre not serious about really getting huge, SomnaBol-PM is not for you). Second, although SomnaBol-PM was created to overcome Nocturnal Post-Absorptive Muscle Catabolism by providing the necessary slowly assimilated proteins along with an exclusive mineral and herb admixture that makes you stronger, raises testosterone, and helps you achieve and maintain the productive, slow-wave sleep that allows your body to build muscle theres another catch. SomnaBol-PM is not the greatest-tasting shake in the world. Sure, we made it chocolate, and sure, we made it relatively tasty. But we also know youre not looking for dessert youre looking for harder, leaner, more massive muscles. So instead of spending time and money making SomnaBol-PM taste better, we put our money into research and development of the most effective in fact, the only compound designed to help you overcome the biggest hurdle facing bodybuilders: Nocturnal Post-Absorptive Muscle Catabolism.


*These statements about SomnaBol-PM have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. SomnaBol-PM is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued SomnaBol-PM and we no longer have it in stock.

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