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Supplement Brand: ADR Pharmacia

We've discontinued Spirojet and we no longer have it in stock.

Spirojet Reviews

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    I have spent tons of money on supplements. I am in excellent condition, yet my body has responded to precious few of the hundreds of products I've taken over the years. SpiroJet is the absolute, far and away, best product I've ever taken bar none! Not only did it work consistently over time, but I could almost see change on a daily basis. This stuff is unreal!! Please bring it back. I beg you!
    Reviewer: Kirk from Frisco, TX USA on November 20, 2007

  1.  the best stuff on earth :)
    I loved this.. Please let me know if you'll ever be making this product again.
    Reviewer: Amber from Palmdale, CA on May 07, 2007

    This stuff cut the fat off my body like a butter knife cuts butter. If anyone can find more of this stuff please email
    Reviewer: Braden McDonald from Gig Harbor, WA on September 16, 2005


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