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Testron Glandular

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Supplement Brand: Vitol
Testron Glandular
Testron Glandular Information
Testron contains 500 mg raw testes glandular with boron; wild yam; smilax and saw palmetto to help maximize muscle mass; strength; and libido.

Manufacturer's Product Research:
Body Builders. A completely natural products. This product was formulated by Val Vasilef Winner of over 80 Physique; power and weight lifting awards including *Mr. America*. Our product is scientifically freeze dried at 5 degrees C and below to retain and preserve natural occurring enzymes; vitamins; minerals; nucleo-proteins; trace elements and all other essentials cellular nutrients. The testicles are the main source of natural Testosterone (male hormone) production in the male gender.

Manufacturer's Directions/Recommended Usage:
As food supplement for adults. Two tablets daily.
Raw Orchic Concentrate (raw testicle)500mg; Boron3000mcg;
Keep bottle closed in a cool; dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
Raw Glandular; Boron
Additional Ingredients:
In a base of Mexican Wild Yam; Saw Palmetto; Smilax Officianalis

Testron Glandular Ingredients
Raw Orchic Concentrate (raw testicle) - 500mg, Boron - 3000mcg,

Testron Glandular Suggested Usage
As food supplement for adults. Two tablets daily.

Testron Glandular Contains
Raw Glandular, Boron

Testron Glandular Does Not Contain
Sugar & Starch.

Testron Glandular

*These statements about Testron Glandular have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Testron Glandular is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Testron Glandular Reviews

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  1.  great product
    after only 1 week of using testron i really have felt a boost in energy and my muscles feel like the are gunna explode!
    Reviewer: jordan martin from milwaukee, wisconsin on March 26, 2008

    Good product! I do bench press contest and stack testron with egg protein during pre tourment training. At 37 I can really feel the increase that testron gives me.
    Reviewer: Steve from Sourh Carolina,USA on December 18, 2006

  1.  Good for PCT and great for maintenance
    I used this product after a cycle of M1T and it helped get my testosterone levels back to normal naturally. It increesed my libido like mad too. For the price this product is a bargain.
    Reviewer: Michael Reny from FL, USA on March 09, 2004


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