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Thermo Fuel

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Supplement Brand: Breakthrough Engineered Nutrition
Thermo Fuel
Thermo Fuel Information

The most powerful, thermogenic pre-workout drink ever built. Thermo Fuel is guaranteed to ignite your engine like nothing else, Period. But don't take our word for it, fuel up and start training like a finely tuned machine.

When you're choosing which dietary supplements to put in your body, you want the very best quality and effectiveness that your money can buy. You wouldn't put low octane fuel in a high performance out of your thermogenic drink. Make the switch to Thermo Fuel and get the most out of your work out from a product based on science and true innovation.

- Only 25 Calories
- 25 mg Ephedra Alkaloids
- 200 mg Caffeine
- Synephrine
- White Willow
- Theobromine
- 30 mg Niacin
- 200 mcg Chromium




THERMO FUEL is the most explosive thermogenic drink ever created. Thermo Fuel's unmatched fat burning and energy-boosting power comes from its proprietary and chemically tested THERMO ZXE herbal blend. THERMO ZXE is the most omplete and comprehensive thermogenic formula ever put into a beverage. This proprietary tri-blend features the powerful and scientifically proven ECA stack of ephedra (25 mg), caffeine (200 mg from guarana, kola nut and USP caffeine) and aspirin (white willow), but that's only the start. It also contains the potent stimulants synephrine, naringin, and theobromine. THERMO ZXE also packs appetite suppressants, fat inhibitors and blood sugar stabilizers: Citrimax, ginger, pyruvate, and chromium picolinate. An additional 30 mg niacin speeds the delivery of these potent thermogenics to the bloodstream. The THERMO ZXE blend is the culmination of years of experience, research and clinical study by our technical staff. The result is THERMO FUEL, a drink that gives you more energy, more focus, and more intensity than you ever thought possible.


THERMO FUEL offers more flavors than any other line of thermo drinks with: FRUIT PUNCH, GRAPE, CRANAPPLE, LEMONADE, and TANGERINE. All five delicious flavors of THERMO FUEL are sweetened with a unique combination of natural fruit juice concentrates and natural/artificial flavors. The flavors and juices are formulated to exacting proportions to eliminate the undesirable herbal bitterness that's a trademarrd of other ephedra-based beverages. Therefore THERMO FUEL is strong on taste, but weak on after-taste. Thermo Fuel also contains no added sugar and no aspartame.


THERMO FUEL by Breakthrough Engineered Nutrition was developed by its parent company. Innovative Companies, Inc. (nutritional and over-the-counter manufacturer and the second largest manufacturer of ephedra-based supplements in the U.S.). Innovative manufacturers ephedra-based dietary supplements under private-label for many of the best-known companies in sports nutrition and in weight loss. Thermo Fuel was formulated, tested and manufactured with the pharmaceutical-grade quality control that is standard practice for Innocative Companies. While other products were developed by marketing companies, Thermo Fuel is the product of Innovative's chemists who have a combined 75 years of experience in dietary supplements.

Thermo Fuel

*These statements about Thermo Fuel have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Thermo Fuel is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Thermo Fuel and we no longer have it in stock.

Thermo Fuel Reviews

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  1.  Tasted like medicine.
    I don't know about the other flavors. but I tried the Lemon-Lime and it taste so much like Alka Seltzer.
    Reviewer: Curtman from USA on June 02, 2004

  1.  this drink is unbelievable, the best!!!!!
    I tried this drink before band practice and I was tired and when I was practicing my band told me I was playing too fast and I felt like a million bucks, I want to buy these things by the case!!!!!
    Reviewer: Blue from Los Angeles from Los Angeles California on May 17, 2004


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