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Thyro-Slim AM/PM

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Supplement Brand: MHP
Thyro-Slim AM/PM

We've discontinued Thyro-Slim AM/PM and we no longer have it in stock.

Thyro-Slim AM/PM Reviews

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  1.  Everyone act differently to weight loss pills.
    Both these reviews are very different from each other. Its hard to give a review on a weight loss product when everyone reacts different. I just started taking thyro-slim yesterday as did my mother in law who swear she will never take it again. For her it made her feel jitters and sick but I had none of those feeling yesterday or today. I did notice redness in my face but it has clear up today. Over all for me, I'm normally tired becuase of low energy from waking up at all hours of the night with my 4 mos. old, THis product has really boosted my energy. One last note is firming up is the first step into weight loss, your scale may say u gain weight but your pants size may saying totally different. I been working out since monday and plan to 6 days a week with the slim in six workout... so wish me luck on my goals.. and so far I really like the engery thyro-slim am/pm has given me.
    Reviewer: Leanna from emmaus, pa usa on January 05, 2008

  1.  save your money
    This product did nothing for me. I stayed the same weight while taking this product the only difference i saw was that i wasn't bloated anymore. I followed the diet and worked out 3 days a week and saw no weightloss i just firmed up. I would suggest trying a different product if u wasnt to lose weight fast.
    Reviewer: Heather from USA on April 25, 2006

  1.  Awesome
    This stuff is great I do not feel jittery like all the other products and I have lost some weight, it doesn't make me loose fast but makes me loose wieght. I have recieved a period on this stuff usually I do not get one so I must have a slight thyroid problem that doctors have not detected, my tummy is not bloated anymore either.
    Reviewer: LPL from Houston on April 05, 2005


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