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Vitamin Water

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Supplement Brand: Glaceau Vitamin Water
Vitamin Water
Vitamin Water Information
Category: Enhanced Water; Packaging: 20fl oz plastic

Energy Glaceau Vitamin Water is a tropical citrus flavored water that has been enhanced with many vitamins, including 100% RDA of Vitamin C, and enhanced with Ginseng. The taste is very light and has a mild sweetness to it. In addition, the tropical fruit flavor is great and adds just the right amount of flavor to this beverage.

Ingredients: Vapor distilled water, crystalline fructose, citric acid, caffeine, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), gum Arabic, natural flavor, electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, and potassium), gum ester, zinc picolinate, vitamin E acetate, vitamin A palmitate, niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), beta carotene, Siberian ginseng and guarana extracts, cyanocobalamin (B12), caramel color, pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6)

Nutrition Facts: Serving size 8fl oz, calories 40, total fat 0g, sodium 0mg, total carbohydrate 9g, sugar 8g, protein 0g, vitamin A 25%, vitamin B3 25%, vitamin B5 25%, vitamin B6 25%, vitamin B12 25%, vitamin C 100%, vitamin E 25%, Zinc 10%, Guarana 25mg, Siberian ginseng 25mg

Vitamin Water

*These statements about Vitamin Water have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Vitamin Water is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Vitamin Water and we no longer have it in stock.

Vitamin Water Reviews

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  1.  Its amazing
    my review on vitamin water is that it is excellent
    Reviewer: kelly from columbus, ohio usa on May 14, 2008

  1.  Bad Idea
    Vitamin Water contains 13g of sugar per serving, which is very bad for workouts and sports actvities. Your body has a balanced blood sugar level but the increase of sugar can cause the entire level to jump and cause your metabolism to be disrupted. Metabolism helps process food into energy or heat but the higher your blood sugar your metabolism will start to function incorrectly and can suppress your immune system and impair your defenses against infectious disease. which is the opposite of what you probably wanted. Sugar also upsets the mineral relationships in your body such as causing chromium and copper deficiencies and interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium, making you find a way to regain these minerals. Sugar can lower your Vitamin E levels which is also found in Vitamin Water, really makes you wonder if the vitamins are really going to work. Also Vitamin E is not a vitamin that can be asorbed with water usually. Vitamin E is a vitamin are fat soluble so they can only enter the bloodstream to carry out their functions if they are dissolved in dietary fat found in a meal. So really your loosing Vitamin E than because sugar lowers it and then your not absorbing any from Vitamin Water. Overall Vitamin water is worse than you think and for athlete it is probably one of the worse drinks you can get because of the high amount of sugar and calories. Also Vitamin Water has just much sugar and calories at Gatorade which has 14g of Sugar and 50 calories for a serving of 8 ounce.
    Reviewer: Mike from Maimi, Florida on April 01, 2008

  1.  Yea
    So you guys are telling me that you would like to double your workout plan to work off the bottles contents of 125 calories!!! They trick you into thinking the whole bottle only has 50 calories but the bottle has 2.5 servings, so unless they ment vitamin water to be fore 2 1/2 people then you are consuming 125 calories. Stick with propell, tastes good with half the calories and you dont need flasy colors or the chance of becoming addicted to the fructose in it.
    Reviewer: Propell-is-better from New York,New York on March 26, 2008

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