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Whey-Tek 65

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Supplement Brand: Iron-Tek
Whey-Tek 65 Information

It is well known that hard working athletes require more protein and Whey-Tek delivers.

Advanced Protein Supplement featuring the highest quality why protein, whey peptides, and egg albumen.

Ultrafiltered ion-exchange whey protein isolate - Has been well documented to provide the most easily absorbed protein available. It allows the quickest rise in blood born amino acid levels. This is an important first step towards providing your hard-working muscles key amino acids quickly.

- Whey Peptides - These whey peptides are chains of amino acids which are better absorbed by the body. Better absorption yields faster uptake of amino acids into muscle tissue to help support muscle repair.

- Cross flow microfiltered whey protein concentrate - A little known but well documented fact is the total body supporting capabilities. This is very important for hard training individuals in helping prevent the potential decreases in body function sometimes seen during times of stress (as in exercising). Plus, this properly extracted whey concentrate contains many key microfraction proteins that if present (not all whey concentrates have them as they are very fragile) provide unique growth factors that enhance your efforts in the gym.

- Egg Albumen - This protein is quite important to include as part of your dietary protein intake. Due to its unique amino acid formulation, it provides the finishing touch to the Whey-Tek to assure you are ingesting a well rounded protein drink. It also has the highest protein efficiency ratio of any natural (whole food) protein.

- Provides a whopping 65 grams of protein per two scoops for men and one scoop provides 32.5 grams of protein which can be used effectively by women!

- It contains NO ASPARTAME which is an artificial sweetener that many people are sensitive to.

- It contains an excellent Potassium to Sodium ratio to optimize fluid balance in the body.

- Mixes instantly so it's great on the run.

- This protein is great tasting and comes in three awesome flavors - Vanilla, Chocolate, and Wild Strawberry.

Whey-Tek 65

*These statements about Whey-Tek 65 have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Whey-Tek 65 is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Whey-Tek 65 and we no longer have it in stock.

Whey-Tek 65 Reviews

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  1.  Well....
    I unfortunately was new to the whole working out thing when i bought like 5 jars of this stuff without trying it, and sure it has alot of protein, but it tastes like vomit with sugar mixed in. Its absoloutley awful, and i always felt like i was going to puke whenever i drank it....and dont be fooled by the "65 grams per serving claim" because each serving is 2 huge scoops! a 2 pound jar of this has only 5 just stick to regular whey protein powders, this stuff aint worth it.. And the aftertaste is terrible. It stays on your breath hours after u drink it.
    Reviewer: Alan from NY on May 18, 2004


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