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Xomatropin hGH

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Supplement Brand: Maxam Nutraceutics
Xomatropin hGH
Xomatropin hGH Information
Anti-Aging Supplement / Growth Hormone Potentiator

A powerful growth hormone stimulant that effectively suppresses production of Somatostatin (the hormone released when IGF-1 and GH levels rise that shuts down the pituitarys production of GH) and has life extension and anti-aging properties. A Fountain of Youth that helps reverse biological aging, assists in regeneration of all tissues, is anabolic and aids in weight loss.

The Functions Of Xomatropin:

Increases muscle mass.

Helps reverse biological aging.

Increases energy levels.

Improves sleep patterns.

Provides mood elevation.

A Truly Effective Growth Hormone Potentiator! Human Growth Hormone (GH) has been extensively studied both clinically and theoretically for many decades. It is said to be the Fountain of Youth and has astounded the medical community with its numerous positive physiological effects on degenerative conditions related to aging. The reported effects of growth hormone therapy include weight loss, increase in muscle mass, higher energy levels, enhanced libido and sexual performance, regrowth of internal organs that shrink with age, and greater cardiac output. In addition, superior immune function, better kidney function, lowering of blood pressure, and improved cholesterol profile (higher HDL and lower LDL) have been documented. Younger thicker skin with tightening and lessening of wrinkles, hair regrowth, sharper vision, mood elevation, increased memory retention, improved sleep, decreased recovery time from exercise, muscle strain and injury. A synthetic injectable form of GH has been heavily prescribed, but it requires the supervision of a physician.

GH Has Recently Become one of the hottest supplements in the industry. However, years ago, we introduced the first growth hormone product to the natural foods industry, a homeopathic GH called Humagro. We followed by adding this same ingredient into some of our other homeopathic formulations to achieve increased effectiveness. Now, its time to introduce you to the latest addition to our growth hormone family, Xomatropin, under our MAXAM label. Xomatropin has a 36-hour half-life and causes a 72-hour pulsitile release of growth hormone. We found that we could improve on older products by combining a new formulation science called SMARTTM with our established GH technology. This transmucosal GH formulation addresses virtually every aspect of GH therapy, whereas the synthetic injectable form addresses only one. Xomatropin is loaded with specific secretagogs (substances that increase hormonal secretion from endocrine glands) which are in the form of somatotropin releasing peptides (SRPs)/growth hormone releasing peptides (GHRPs), free form amino acids, IGF-1 peptides, and herbal extracts that target the hypothalamic-pituitary axis (the hormonal system that regulates GH production). The transport mechanisms in this product are also very important because the various peptide fractions are quite fragile and must be completely protected, quickly and efficiently absorbed, and then transported to the target cells where they will enzymatically lock into receptor sites and activate GH production.

MAXAM GH Contains Secretagogs, GH and IGF-1 peptides, and the second an anti-somatostatin called Revostatin (a powerful suppressor of an antagonistic hormone called somatostatin responsible for what is called the negative feedback loop for GH). The mechanism here is simple but important and is a problem area with synthetic injectables.

When the body perceives a rise in either IGF-1 (insulin growth factor) or GH, it responds by releasing somatostatin, which in turn shuts down the natural production of GH until the levels drop back down in the system. Essentially, with synthetic injectable GH, you are giving your body GHRH mimetic peptides, which only work on the pituitary (the reservoir for GH), neglecting the hypothalamus, where natural GH production begins. With Xomatropin, you are giving your body a small, concentrated, bioactivated, colloidal formulation that strongly increases your natural production of GH by stimulating the hypothalamus with GHRPS. You are also blocking somatostatin so that your GH levels can keep rising. Other important growth hormone potentiators in Xomatropin are IGF-1 peptides, specifically sequenced amino acids, and natural L-dopa from standardized Mucuna extract.

Xomatropin Has Dramatically Exceeded our expectations in unpublished animal studies where it was shown to increase GH levels by 800% in middle age rats. All ingredients are prepared with SMARTTM methods, which renders them ultra concentrated, 100% pure, micro-activated, cell site specific, and so purely effective that nanogram dosages are used. Xomatropin is absorbed transmucosally, which is a very efficient pathway, and its in a true colloidal form that the liver recognizes and does not trap out as it does non-colloidal substances. Since the enzymatically bound ingredients are colloidal and carry a negative charge, they are completely absorbed from the bloodstream into the cells by electrokinesis after the target tissue has been enzymatically locked onto. Revostatin (an anti-somatropin) effectively blocks the release of somatostatin, In addition, the formula contains IGF-1 peptides and sequenced ratios of specific amino acids targeting GH release.

When Your Body Is Generating or regenerating tissue, it needs more fuel, especially protein, and more sleep. For example ... can you remember the hunger and extended sleep periods when you were going through growth spurts? Be sure to meet these needs and realize that it is perfectly normal to need a snack and a nap. This is a good indication that you are on a very effective growth hormone potentiator.

Distilled Water, Somatotropin releasing Peptide Fractions, IGF-1 Peptides, Sequenced Amino Acids and Mucuna Extract in a Colloidal Mineral Complex.

Shake Well. Spray 1-8 times under the tongue and hold for approximately 1-3 minutes before swallowing. No food or drink 30 minutes before or after use. Read enclosed instructions carefully.

Xomatropin hGH

*These statements about Xomatropin hGH have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Xomatropin hGH is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We've discontinued Xomatropin hGH and we no longer have it in stock.

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