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Xtra Advantage

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Supplement Brand: MMUSA
Xtra Advantage
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Xtra Advantage Reviews

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  1.  read the guidelines
    You need to read this before you buy. This is not for to make your body bigger. Ive been using this a couple of times and to tell you the trugh this works. The purpose of the Xtra advantage is to help you maintain your bodymass. ass you get to the level that you want your body/muscles start to get soft. This product prevents your muscles from loosing strength for about 2weeks a dose. its not for building muscle but to help maintain muscle. Now if you want to build muscle you need to buy atp advantage!
    Reviewer: james from miami, fl on November 23, 2006

  1.  Nice boost, Uncompfortable side effects
    I have taken one dose and have already experienced some upset stomach and discomfort.
    Reviewer: Chris Buchanan from Frisco, TX on September 01, 2005

  1.  Works: concerned about stability
    I like the product. It works for me but I am concerned about the breakdown into creatinine. No cramping problem and I've had great workouts. How much is due to creatine and how much is due to the other ingredients, I'm not sure.
    Reviewer: Gary from Mt Laurel, NJ on May 05, 2004


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