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Vyo-Pro Bar

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Vyo-Pro Bar
Vyo-Pro Bar Information
VyoPro Protein Bar

A close look at the labels of most protein bars reveals an ugly little secret - they're not protein bars at all! You see, when a bar contains more sugar than it does protein it's real hard for me to call it a protein bar. Candy bar is more like it.
Finally, A great Tasting Protein Bar That Supplies The Power Of Whey Without The Sugar Found In Most Protein Sugar Bars.
Can you imagine buying a protein powder that has 24 grams of protein but also contains 30 or more grams of sugar? My guess is you would leave that brand sitting on the shelf.

Why would you buy a protein bar that is high in sugar?
The new Vyo-Pro High-Performance Protein Bar breaks the mold and brings you a protein bar that delivers 20 grams of ultra high-quality protein without the sugar. In fact, our new Vyo-Pro bar contains only 1 tiny gram of sugar.

Ever wonder why most protein bars are dry and taste stale?
It's pretty simple. In an effort to cram as much protein into a bar as possible sacrifices are made in both taste and nutritional profiles. What you typically end up with is a bar with 30 or so grams of protein that's dry, a chore to chew and eat, and has a ridiculously high sugar content. Also, in an effort to combat the dryness, the bars are loaded with glycerin which is skillfully listed as though it is not a carbohydrate yet it has a caloric content of 4 plus calories per gram.

To make matter worse, high amounts of preservatives are usually added to increase shelf life. These preservatives often contribute to chemical taste most of these bars impart.

Finding The Ideal Nutritional Profile
We spent over 12 months in research and development with the Vyo-Pro bar to find the perfect balance in protein, fats, carbs, and sugar. Meeting this delicate nutritional balance and producing a bar that's palatable, moist, and tasty was a heavy task but the end result was worth the investment.

The Vyo-Pro High-Performance Protein Bar is a rich and tasty bar that supplies 20 grams of nitrogen-rich protein in a soft and chewy 2.2 ounce bar that's the perfect power food for fueling hungry muscles. And it does this without all the sugar found in other bars.

The Vyo-Pro High-Performance Bar comes in an awesome chocolate flavor that's kind of like a big soft Tootsie Roll with just the slightest hint of peanut butter. The taste is smooth and the texture is soft. We think it's just perfect.

Quick and Easy
Now you can get the high-performance protein your muscles need quickly and easily, anytime - anywhere in a great tasting bar that re-writes the rule book on protein bar formulations.

Q: How much protein is in each Vyo-Pro High-Performance Protein Bar?

A: Each 62 gram Vyo-Pro bar contains 20 grams of great tasting, high-quality, glutamine enhanced protein.

Q: What type of protein is used?

A: The Vyo-Pro bar uses a special protein blend consisting primarily of whey protein in the form of hydrolyzed whey concentrate, whey isolate, and whey concentrate. Milk protein isolate and calcium caseinate are also added to complete the amino profile. And lastly, 2 grams of glutamine is added creating a very efficient nitrogen-rich protein source.

Q: How do you make the Vyo-Pro High-Performance Protein Bar taste so good with so little sugar?

A: We can't let this secret out but it involves some pretty advanced food science. Unlike other protein bars that should really be called sugar bars, the Vyo-Pro bar only has 1 gram of sugar. After all, it is a protein bar.

Q: What does the VYO-PRO Protein Bar taste like?

A: It tastes awesome. I would say it's a cross between a brownie and soft fudge with just a tiny hint of peanut butter. It is very rich and chocolaty. It's so good it's very hard to eat just one.

The VYO-PRO bar is unlike all other protein bars on the market. We do not use glycerin as a disguised carbohydrate. Just about every other protein bar on the market does. That's why they all have that similar chemical-like taste and not to mention a load of carbohydrates they are not listing on the label. And you thought those bars were low in carbs.

Vyo-Pro Bar

*These statements about Vyo-Pro Bar have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Vyo-Pro Bar is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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