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3 Carb Bar - Iron-Tek
Advantage Bar - Atkins
Animal Snak Bar - Universal Nutrition
Balance Bar - Balance Bar Company
Balance Bar Gold - Balance Bar Company
Balance Gold Crunch - Balance Bar Company
Bio-Protein Bar - MLO Products
Breakfast Bar - Atkins
Carbolite - Carbolite
CarbRite Diet Bar - Universal Nutrition
Chocolate Covered Soy Nuts - Genisoy Products
Clif Bar - Clif Bar
Complete Diet Bar - Optimum Nutrition
Cross Pro Bar Protein - VPX
Designer Bar - Next Proteins
Designer Whey Protein Bar - Next Proteins
Detour Bar - Next Proteins
Display- Pp Bar (hn, Mp, &cg) - Worldwide Sports Nutrition
Display- Pp Bar (s, B, & Pb) - Worldwide Sports Nutrition
Fat Burner Bars - Universal Nutrition
GeniSoy Bar - Genisoy Products
GeniSoy Powder - Genisoy Products
Gourmet Bars - Dymatize
Grow Protein Bar - Biotest
Hi Protien Bar - Universal Nutrition
Ironman Bar - TwinLab
Lean Body Bar - Labrada Nutrition
Lean Body Gold Bar - Labrada Nutrition
Lean Mass Creatine Bar - Prolab
Lean Protein Bar - Promax Nutrition
Luna Bar - Clif Bar
Maxx Bar - ISS Research
Maxxon Bar - Next Proteins
Mega Protein Bar - ANSI
Meso-Tech Bars - MuscleTech
Meso-Tech Lite Bar - MuscleTech
Met-Rx Bar - Met-RX
Met-Rx Protein Plus Bar - Met-RX
Methoxy-Pro Bar - Cytodyne
Muscle Drive Bar - EAS
Muscle Milk Bar - Cytosport
MyoMax Bar - Scitec Nutrition
Myoplex Carb Sense Bar - EAS
Myoplex Deluxe Bar - EAS
Myoplex Lite Bar - EAS
Next-Up Bar - Next Proteins
Nitro-Tech Bar - MuscleTech
Oasis Bar - Balance Bar Company
Odyssey Bar - Premier Nutrition
Oh Yeah! Bar - ISS Research
Oneway Bar - Next Proteins
Opti-Pro Bar Lite - Optimum Nutrition
Opti-Pro Meal Bar - Optimum Nutrition
Opti-Pro Meal Bars - Optimum Nutrition
Power Bar - Powerbar
Power Crunch Bars - Bionutritional Research Group
Premier 8 Bar - Premier Nutrition
Premier Bar - Premier Nutrition
Premier Complete - Premier Nutrition
Pro 42 Bar - ISS Research
Pro Blend Bar 12 - Human Development Technologies
Pro Complex Bars - Optimum Nutrition
Pro42 Bar - ISS Research
Promax Bar - Promax Nutrition
Protein Bar - Multipower USA
Protein Plus Bar - Powerbar
Pure Pro Zero Sugar Bar - ABB
Pure Protein Bar - Worldwide Sports Nutrition
Real Protein Bar - VHT
Results Energy Bar - EAS
Satisfaction Bar - Balance Bar Company
Solid Protein Bar - Nature's Best
Steel Bar - ABB
Sugar Free Bar - Universal Nutrition
Sugar Free Protein Plus Bar - Powerbar
Tiger's Milk Bars - Weider
Tri-O-Plex Bar - Chef Jay's
Triple Decker Bar - Iron-Tek
U-Turn Bar - Next Proteins
Ultra Protein Bar - Champion Nutrition
Ultra Protein Bar - Champion Nutrition
Vyo-Pro Bar - AST
Xenadrine Bars - Cytodyne

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